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Buying Tips for Dog Cooling Beds

Buying Tips for Dog Cooling Beds

It's summer and your best friend is really feeling the heat. Dogs cannot cool themselves by sweating like humans. They might sweat a small amount through their pads, but the main way a dog cools off is by panting. Unfortunately, panting is not enough when it is extremely hot and humid.

    Benefits of Cooling Beds for Dogs

    Cooling Dog beds are a good option to consider. While a dog bed is nice and soft, it might also be too warm. This is why many people notice their dogs prefer to lie on tile or concrete floors when it's hot out. However, a cooling dog bed can offer the comfort and softness of a typical dog bed with the coolness your dog craves. Cooling dog beds often use a gel-like material or simply water to keep the bed feeling cool. These beds are especially great for senior dogs as an alternative for hard floors.

    There are two types of dog cooling beds:

    1. Water-Filled Beds. You fill them with water and they keep the dog cool.  These are good but they can leak, spill, or get mildewy. These are also not good for chewers. They do stay cool about 5-7 hours.
    2. Pressure-Activated Cooling Pads. These are gel-based and work by a chemical in the pad that absorbs the dog's temperature and cools them down.
    3. Phase-Changing Cooling Pads. These are filled with Cool Pax pads that are designed to stay at a cool 58 degrees.  These will stay cool the longest.

    The Pressure- Activated Green Pet Shop COOL PET PAD is weight or pressure activated. As soon as your 4 legged friend lies down the cooling effect starts. It will last up to 3-4 hours of constant use and will last for years. It will re-charge itself automatically after a brief period of non-use. The gel in the Cool Pad is non-toxic. The Cool Pad is approx. 1/4 inch thick. You may freeze it, soak it, refrigerate it to make colder, or re-charge faster but this is not necessary. The gel is also bio-degradable. The pad is made out of nylon. The pad is activated by the dog's weight. So you can get a larger bed for a smaller dog if they move around. Every area that their body comes into contact will be cooled. A small dog can activate any size pad, it's pressure-activated not weight-activated by the size of the bed.

    The product absorbs the dog's heat and cools him down. If you are using this in the car or outside, you will need to take the product back inside to reactivate it. If it's left outside in the sun or the car, it will absorb the heat of its environment. Direct sunlight won't hurt the durable nylon but the pad won't cool until it's returned to a cooler environment. For a jump start on cooling, you can put it in the refrigerator but it's not necessary. Remember that dogs cool themselves primarily by panting, so cooler air is the best way to prevent and relieve overheating. No matter what you do to keep your dog cool, the best thing you can do is to keep a close eye on them. When in doubt, get them to a cooler area. Be sure to contact your vet immediately if you notice signs of heat stroke.

    The Canine Cooler gel is activated by water.  Your fill it up one time to activate the gel inside.  It is soft and stays cool for 5-7 hours depending on the heat.

    The Phase-Changing Cooling Technology is filled with cool pax gel inserts.  It keeps a comfortable 58 degrees and lasts 4-6 hours.


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