Why Do I Need to Know My Mutt's Breed?

November 17, 2014

Why Do I Need to Know My Mutt's Breed?

There's no denying that mutts make great pets. Often, the combination of different breeds brings out the best in each one making for a well-behaved, lovable pet. However, there are a few reasons you may want to know what breeds are mixed up in your furry friend. Sometimes it's easy to tell; other times, not so much. In the instance that it's just impossible to tell what breed your Heinz 57 canine is, there's dog DNA testing. Dog DNA testing works in much the same way as human DNA testing - samples are taken via cheek swabs and sent in for analysis.

Health Concerns

Knowing what breed of dog you have could be crucial to your dog's health. Certain breeds have a predisposition to certain ailments and diseases, so knowing ahead of time what to look for helps keep your pet in good health.

Training Reasons

Some breeds of dogs tend to need more behavioral direction than others. Knowing what breeds make up your mutt can help you with proper training and discipline for your pet.

Pedigree Reasons

For people who own purebred dogs, proving the purity of the breed in order to get a pedigree is important. With DNA testing, owners can be sure they are getting the dog they were hoping for.

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