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Why Do Dogs Bark At Cats? | Why Do Dogs Chase Cats?

Why Do Dogs Bark At Cats? | Why Do Dogs Chase Cats?

Dogs chase cats because, while dog eyes do not have as highly developed color and light sensors as we do, but dog eyes have better developed motion sensors. Because of this, whenever a dog sees something small moving quickly, the dog becomes extremely excited. A dog also will be trying to protect its land, as it sees the cat invading (a dog's land does not necessarily include only the backyard -- it can be half the neighborhood). Dogs are also predators and may view the cat as prey, although dogs rarely eat cats.

How to Get your dog used to being around cats. Start by taking your dog into a room (with a leash on) where there is a cat. Taking him or her for a long walk beforehand is advisable too. A tired dog is less likely to chase anything let alone your sweet little feline boy or girl. Also make sure the cat has an escape route in case the dog does get away from you. Let them grow comfortable together.

Hold him back with the leash when he attempts to jump. If your dog already knows another command for stopping and returning to you, such as "stop" or "leave it," use that command. cat and dog

Spray the PET CORRECTOR  when he reacts to the cat Do not point it at your dog's face, Spray it downward while saying NO.  You should only have to spray three times then you will only need to say "NO" and show him the can. You will need to repeat this more than once for the dog to learn to curb his chase instinct. If your dog still tries to chase the cat after many repetitions, you may need to consult a trainer or attend obedience classes to teach your dog to be more responsive to you.

If the dog does go after the cat a third time, the cat will eventually get tired of it. Cats are predators, not prey and will most likely whip around and give that mutt a good lash in the muzzle to remembe

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