Cool Pup Faucet Waterers

Cool Pup Faucet Waterers

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What Our Top Dog Says About The Cool Pup™ Faucet Waterers 

This simple invention will help insure that your dog can always access cool, fresh, and clean water while outside. Simply attach it to your hose and when your dog licks the lever, they get water.  It also shuts off when they stop licking.

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • Attach to any outdoor faucet in seconds, without the use of tools.
  • Waterer is activated when the dog licks the lever pushing it in with their tongue.
  • When licking stops, the water turns off.
  • No assembly required
  • Made in the USA

    Tips For Keeping Your Pet Hydrated

    There are many ways to encourage your pet to drink more water. Take note of what your pet is currently drinking and try these tips to get them closer to their goal:

    • Add water to their food – Pet food (especially kibble) has a very low moisture content. This differs from the varied food diet that we eat as humans and makes water intake even more important. Mixing in water with their dry food, or giving them wet food on occasion, will go a long way in getting them the water they need.
    • Add flavor to their water – Pouring some chicken or beef broth in your pet’s water bowl is an easy way to encourage them to drink more!
    • Consider a Pet Water Fountain – Running water is a more natural way for pets to drink. This is because they are instinctively drawn to streams and rivers where water is flowing and safe. Pet fountains mimic this sight and sound and encourage them to quench their thirst.

    Some dogs instinctively know to drink just the right amount of water for their needs, some dogs don’t drink enough water, and others drink too much. So it’s possible your dog is either under- or over-hydrated.

    Keep an eye on your pet’s water consumption because too little can result in dehydration, urinary tract issues like kidney stones, and organ failure. And drinking too much water can be toxic.

    The amount of water your dog drinks can be an indicator of an underlying illness. Dogs with pancreatitis, parvovirus, or leptospirosis tend not to drink much water, but a brewing bladder infection, other types of infection, or a metabolic problem such as Cushing's disease, and diabetes can cause excessive thirst and water consumption.
    Check your dog’s gums to determine if they are getting enough water. Moist, slick gums indicate a good level of hydration; dry or sticky gums mean your pet’s body needs more water.

    Some dogs drink too much water which is called psychogenic polydipsia. Symptoms of over-hydration (water intoxication) include staggering/loss of coordination, lethargy, nausea, bloating, vomiting, dilated pupils, glazed eyes, light gum color, and excessive salivation.

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