Deluxe Therapeutic and Anxiety Full Body Dog Wrap

Deluxe Therapeutic and Anxiety Full Body Dog Wrap

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What Our Top Dog Says About The Deluxe Therapeutic and Anxiety Full Body Dog Wrap:

The Healers Deluxe Therapeutic and Anxiety Full Body Dog Wrap is a great alternative to a cone. It is both a post-surgery protective garment and an anti-anxiety wrap. As a post surgery garment, it has excellent features. The deluxe model includes medicated gauze pads that will be secured by the garment and a cold/heat pad that warms your dog or reduces inflammation on the injury.

Healers Body Wraps are designed with an open cell, breathable material that provides the necessary air flow to your pet while allowing the body to heal. This wrap comes in both a rear and front module and can be flexible depending on where aid is needed for your pet. The two modules can also be connected together to provide full body protection. Healers Body Wraps help with sore muscles, wounds, anxiety, or incontinence and other health-related issues.

The front module and rear module work together or separately. On longer torso pets, purchase the next size up rear module for added length. When choosing which size of Healers Body Wrap to purchase, consider the following for the front module: The top back length measurement tells you how far back on the pet the top cover will reach. Same with the length of the underbelly. Pick the length that best fits your needs. The shoulders points are also adjustable so you can get a snug fit.

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • High quality materials for post surgical care- reduces pain and anxiety
  • No need to wear a dog cone with this great alternative
  • Prevents your dog from licking wounds or sores or gnawing at post-surgical stitches and dressing
  • No need to wrap the whole body in gauze bandages, simply apply the garment and put in a medicated pad
  • Healers wrap snuggles your pet which reduces your dog's anxiety. Healers heat packs provide added comfort.
  • Use as incontinence or 'pets in heat' wrap by adding the rear module of the Therapeutic Post Surgery Dog Wrap.
  • Secure a medicated Healers Gauze pad under the garment directly on the wound
  • Adjustable pockets that hold hot or cold packs (sold separately) to reduce swelling and provide comfort.
  • Rear module covers wound injuries in the rear quadrant
  • Made in The USA
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Size Guide
Front Module Rear Module
Size Max Girth Top of Back Length Neck to Underbelly Girth Top of Rear to Underbelly
XL 44 24 21 45 30
L 36.5 21.5 19 38 27
M 34 19 18 31 24
S 31 17 16 27 23
XS 27 14 12 24 21
XXS 20 11 8 19 18 
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Covers well but hard to put on
It helps a lot