Healers Medical Leg Wraps with Gauze Pads

Healers Medical Leg Wraps with Gauze Pads

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What Our Top Dog Says About the HEALERS Medical Leg Wraps:

The Healers Medical Leg Wraps with Gauze Pads are an injury bandaging solution that is easy to use and makes wound dressing changes a snap. Like all of Healers medical products, the leg wrap is made from high-tech medical grade material. The material is breathable and quickly wicks away moisture, decreasing the potential for infections and shortening the healing time. Its re-usability saves you money by eliminating the need to purchase multiple rolls of bandages. They are perfect for dew claw injuries, lick granulomas, leg injuries, cuts, rashes,  hygromas  and more.

The soft elastic Leg Wraps have end and edge VELCRO® brand fasteners, so they stay put vertically along your dog's leg.

Healers gauze pads will not stick to the wound and have adhesive on the back so you can place them where you need them. Healers gauze dressing absorbs fluids and allows medication to be applied to a wounded area while protecting the wound from the environment (more gauze pads sold separately). If you need extra length you can connect two wraps together or cut to shorten. Best to wrap from bottom of leg upward with the hook edge along the lower edge as you work your way up the leg. Wraps will also connect to Healers Booties (sold separately) enabling a full paw and leg wrap.

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Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • The Healers Leg Wrap set includes two Healers gauze pads customized to fit inside the wrap.
  • Works Great to Protect Your Dog's Tail
  • The wrap around design and high tensile strength Velcro holds the wrap in place on your pet's leg even during very active play.
  • Healers Leg Wraps are machine washable and reusable.
  • Made in the USA with the highest quality materials
  • Strong hook holds wrap in place even for very active pets
  • Wrap can be extended by hooking two or more together or be cut for shorter lengths
  • Need Extra Length?  You can easily connect 2 Leg Wraps
  • Need to Make the Wrap Smaller for your Dog? You can easily cut the leg wrap to the right size
  • Water-resistant
  • Relieves heat discomfort, joint pressure and more
  • Vet-recommended to treat dogs with skin conditions and other allergies
  • Glove leather soft outer membrane provides superior comfort
  • Includes one wrap and two gauze pads
  • Each Leg Wrap includes 2 gauze inserts


Tips for Wrapping Your Dog's Legs with Bandages

  • Clean and disinfect the wound of your dog.
  • Place an absorbent pad on the wound. The pad should be sterilized and nonstick.
  • Over the pad, wrap a gauze bandage with one-third of the bandage being exposed on each wrap. Also, wrap some of your dog’s fur on both sides of the pad.
  • Wrap a layer of adhesive tape / bandage over the gauge bandage.
  • Test the right pressure by placing two fingers under the bandaging, and then remove them. Keep wrapping the adhesive material over the sides of the gauze that is underlying.
  • Keep the pressure balanced by placing and removing your fingers from time to time as you cover the gauze bandaging with adhesive tape.

Depending on the Injury Location

  • For leg wounds, wrap roll cotton over the gauze pad, then wrap stretch gauze, and finish with adhesive tape or bandage.
  • For tail wounds, do the above mentioned steps, but use long materials and secure the bandage on your dog’s tail in case it might fall off from wagging.
  • For torso wounds, wrap a towel around the torso, or a pillow case. Use pins on the side (opposite of the wound) to secure the bandage.
Size Guide

Choose the size based on the height of the dog's legs:

  • Size 1-    2 " wide -18 " long |  Blue Healer, Bull Dog
  • Size 2 -   2 " wide -24 " long | Lab size to higher 
    Watch Our Demo Video

    Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Worked ok for a while
    Wonderful Pet Leg Wraps
    Very Durable- Riley can't bite through these wraps
    The Best Gauze Pad for Dogs
    Babe is excited to put it on