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Adventure Lights Waterproof Dog Collar Light- Large Dogs

From Adventure Lights |

Adventure Lights Waterproof Dog Collar Light- Large Dogs

From Adventure Lights |
$ 19.99


What Our Top Dog Says About The Adventure Lights Dog Collar Light for Large Dogs:

The Large Adventure Lights Collar Light is one of the lightest, brightest, and toughest lights in its class. This versatile waterproof dog collar light is visible from all sides and is extremely impact resistant. It has been frozen in ice, submerged in 20,000 feet of water, ran over by a tank and it STILL WORKS! This dog collar light made by Adventure Lights is great for Leashes & Harnesses Too!


Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • LIGHT is ON TOP OF YOUR DOG's COLLAR - Our favorite feature.   
  •  No more losing your dog when he's not facing you in the dark!
  • The light emits a beacon that is visible from any direction due to the  unique omni-directional optics design
  • The light functions as a tracking light for hunting dogs
  • Base is wider so it fits on 1" collars which are the standard rubberized collars used by hunters, military, and for most bark control collars
  • Fits larger sized dog (boxers & up) -places easily on medium or large glow collars during the fitting Great for Leashes & Harnesses Too!
  • The collar light comes standard with batteries already installed and extra batteries
  • Dual function : Flashing and steady on modes standard. Just flip the batteries over and change polarity Uses two (2) CR2032 Lithium Coin Cell Batteries (batteries included)
  • Dimensions: Approx. 1.5" x 1.25" x 1.25" (4 x 3 x 4 cm)
  • EXTREMELY Durable:The  base and lens are impact resistant and the ultra bright LED is rated for over 100,000 hours.
  • WATERPROOF up to 300 ft
  • High Visibility: Omnidirectional.  Visible up to 1 mile.(1.25 Km)
  • Lightweight: Simply clip on your dog's collar, jacket, or life jacket.
  • Great Battery life: 250 hrs in flashing mode, 100 hrs in steady on.
  • Easy to use -- rotate lens to turn on or off Attaches to most collar straps -- no extra strap needed
  • WORKS ANYWHERE YOU NEED LIGHT : Ideal for Pet collars, life-jackets, backpacks, and is compatible with all 1" tracking collars as well as the Tracker Flash hunting lights!
  • Operating temperature range -40 degrees to 120 degrees F LED rated to last 100,000+ hours Includes light with battery, collar guide attachment

Top Dog Tips  About The Large Adventure Lights Dog Collar Light:

To start this light, turn it once to the left and then to the right. That will activate the lubricant and make it easier to turn. We recommend you stock up on extra batteries. The batteries are secured together so it’s easy to flip the batteries when you want to change the setting from steady to flashing mode.

What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

  • One (1) Large Adventure Lights Dog Collar Light Two CR2032 Lithium Coin Cell Batteries- Molded Together for ease of changing batteries

Dog Light Sizes

Small Dogs – up to 12 lbs. The Petlight dog light is perfect for smaller dogs with 3/8 inches. It’s lightweight and much smaller, so there is not so much bulk on their collar. The unique slot opening can accommodate up to 1.5" in one orientation and 1" in the opposite direction

Medium-Large dogs –who don’t wear a 1 inch collar. We recommend the standard Guardian light which also comes with a Velcro strap to attach to the collar.  

For Large dogs –who wear a 1 inch collar. We recommend the hunting Guardian Light which fits on a one inch collar (doesn’t come with the extra Velcro strap) and has two extra batteries.

HUNTING DOGS: The FLASH Hunting Series from Adventure Lights makes your dog more visible in the field. Designed to military specifications, the FLASH is tough, bright, and lightweight. And by having its own batteries, it doesn't drain the power from your tracking collar!

The FLASH Light has two operating modes: Flashing and Continuous. It can be mounted on most tracking or e-collar straps. One year manufacturer warranty. It also works as a safety beacon that allows you as a hunter to be seen from over a mile away. If you need a marking beacon to assist in game retrieval you can set this up from your shooting position to mark a particular angle or leave it your animal to assist in recovery after you have gone back to retrieve your ATV or pack frame from Camp. Review of Waterproof Dog Collar Lights Review of Waterproof Dog Collar Lights

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  • What is the smallest collar width this can fit on? My dog's current collar is 5/8

    The Small Adventure Light can fit on any collar up to 1/2" wide.
    The light can be attached by sliding the collar  through the 5/8 " attached clasp.
    Or it can go on larger collars up to 3/4 " by using the velcro attachment.

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