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Bear Bells for Dogs

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Bear Bells for Dogs

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What Our Top Dog Says About Bear Bells for Dogs:

The Bear Bells for Dogs are a great safety item when exploring the great outdoors. These USA- made Dog Bear Bells will alert wildlife that you and your dog are approaching to avoid surprise encounters. Unlike other bear bells found in the USA, this product uses metal bells that are 5 times as large. Most bear attacks occur when people accidentally surprise a bear; however, with the use of these dog bear bells that will never have to be a worry. These bells create an unfamiliar noise in nature, and since bears prefer to almost always avoid humans they will steer clear. If you are a hiker or outdoors men, you can easily tie the Bear Bells to your backpack, boots, walking stick, or to your dog's collar to ward off bears in the area. The Dog Bear Bells are available in a bright red color for added visibility, with a lightweight, color fast material, so you and your dog’s safety will be guaranteed with the use of Bear Bells for Dogs!

Here are the Doggie Details:

  • Add visibility to your dog with the bright red color
  • Lightweight, colorfast material
  • Use for your own safety by attaching to your backpack, boots, etc.
  • Attach to collars, leashes, or harnesses
  • Standard Size Bear Bell- Made in the USA
  • Large Bell Dimensions: 2" length - 1" width

Tips & Advice from Our Top Dog

These Bear Bells for Dogs will ensure you and your dog’s safety in the vast, exciting world of nature. We have redesigned them so they don't move around as much on the dog's collar or harness. Bears don’t like surprises. That’s why most bear attacks happen when people have accidentally surprised a bear [source: Smith]. One way to keep this from happening is to make noise, and some hikers use bear bells to do that.

What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

  1. One (1) Bear Bells for Dogs


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  • How does the sound of the bells affect the long term health of dogs' hearing as well as their momentary ability to detect sound in nearby surroundings?

    Great Question !
    The bear bells are not loud, they are just designed to emit a noise loud enough to alert an animal- not scare them
    The larger size bear bells have a magnetic clip that silences them when they are not needed

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