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Biodegradable USA Made Dog Poop Bags

From KeepDoggieSafe |

Biodegradable USA Made Dog Poop Bags

From KeepDoggieSafe |
$ 5.99


What Our Top Dog Says About The Biodegradable USA Made Dog Poop Bags:

The Biodegradable USA Made Dog Poop Bags are made with high quality materials that won’'t break, so you will never have a drippy poop bag.  They are also easy to open.  Despite the thick material, the bags are rated as biodegradable and certified as compost able. The scented bags mask odor in the event that you need to carry the bag for an extended period of time, making these pleasant to use. Get the eco-friendly Biodegradable USA Made Dog Poop Bags today!

Here are the Doggie Details:

  • The cored design is compatible with round cases and is easy to turn - when you need it fast!
  • The bags are also made in the USA to ensure high quality construction that is safe for the environment.
  • Bags measure 9 x 14.25 inches for easier tying
  • Embossed textures for easy open in all conditions
  • Double bottom seals for extra assurance - no drips- no breaks!
  • Thick, high quality bags won’t break during use
  • Biodegradable material is scented to mask odor
  • Cored design fits in round cases and pockets
  • Made in the USA for high quality construction

Tips & Advice from Our Top Dog:

The bags are made from B-F biodegradable plastic and are US Standard ASTM D6400 certified as compostable. We went to the factory and saw the bags decomposing in the back with our own eyes so we are comfortable that they decompose.

What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

  • Sixty (60) Biodegradable USA Made Dog 60 Poop Bags (4 Rolls –15 Bags Per Roll) Standard Measurements: Dimensions (IN) 13 x 5.5

Customer Favorite

The Biodegradable Poop Bags are our customer's favorite because unlike most Biodegradable poop bags, they are sturdier and don't leak.  They also tie very easily and the scent helps mask the odor. 

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