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Color Coded Dog Leash Traffic Handle - Attaches to Any Leash

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Color Coded Dog Leash Traffic Handle - Attaches to Any Leash

From WagSafely
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What Our Top Dog Says About The Color Coded Dog Leash Traffic Handle:

The Color-Coded Dog Safety Tag is a handy tool that allows you to alert strangers to your dog's temperament for the safety of the dog as well as other humans. Constructed of soft nylon, the handle is not bulky or uncomfortable for the dog. Just attach it to your dog leash and you can easily pull your dog close when walking in high traffic or congested areas.

The nylon material is extremely durable as well as water and mold resistant throughout extended use. The heavy duty clasp can be securely attached to your dog’s d-ring collar or leash as well as kennels during travel. 

The color-coding system is simple and based off of the traffic system for everyone to understand. Simply put, a red tag means that your dog should not be approached by strangers under any circumstances. A yellow tag means you should approach with caution, and a green tag identifies friendly dogs that are ok to be approached. Don’t leave your dog vulnerable while outside the home; tag them with the  Color Coded Traffic Handle today!

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • Soft nylon is extremely durable for extended use
  • Attach traffic handle to any leash
  • Easily pull your dog close on the walk with the traffic handle
  • Color-fast nylon is water and mold resistant
  • Heavy duty clasp securely attaches to collar d-rings
  • Made in the USA to ensure high quality 
  • Product Size 8” x 1”

Top Dog Tips & Advice About The Color Coded Traffic Handle:

For every traffic handle sold, Keep Doggie Safe has pledged to donate one in an effort to safeguard communities all over the country.

What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

One (1)  Color-Coded Traffic Handle 

Color Coded Dog Safety

The color-coded dog safety system is based on the traffic light system.

One of the great benefits from this system is that it helps reduce fear of people for certain dog breeds.As we all know a dog should be judged for who they are not, by their breed
Here's the color codes:

  • Red-Beware:Dogs should be approached with caution by people & other dogs.
  • Yellow-Caution: Dogs can be friendly toward adults and children, but they are not good with other dogs.
  • Green-Friendly: Dogs are friendly toward people and other dogs.
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