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Cooling Baseball Cap - Cools for 5 to 10 Hours!

From Techniche Intl |

Cooling Baseball Cap - Cools for 5 to 10 Hours!

From Techniche Intl |
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 What Our Top Dog Says About The Evaporative Cooling Baseball Cap:

The Evaporative Cooling Baseball Cap is so simple to use. Simply soak the hat for 1 minute and enjoy 5-10 hours of cooling relief.It's One Size Fits All and Ideal for any outdoor activity. The HyperKewl™ fabric absorbs, stores and releases water within the multi-layered material. Water is “released” through evaporation, energy is consumed, and a chill effect is created. The fabric actually cools the body exactly the same way the body cools itself through evaporation Simply add water to reactivate it. The Cooling Baseball hat cools you down in any weather.

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • Blue & White Evaporative cooling Hat: HyperKewl patented cooling material is integrated directly into hat panels
  • Provides 5-10 hours of cooling relief
  • Made from Blue & White  polyester 
  • Designed specifically for outdoor activities and safety
  • Comfortable mesh polyester outer  with HyperKewl fabric inner and water repellent nylon liner
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Blue & White  One Size (Adult)

What My Top Dog Should Know About The Evaporative Cooling Baseball Cap:

Our customers rave about this hat. It is really great for outdoor sports like pickleball, tennis, hiking, kayaking and even sitting on the beach. You will definitely feel the cooling effect and be able to stay outside and play longer. Evaporative Cooling Instructions: Soak garment in cool water for 1-3 minutes Gently squeeze out excess water Wear/Apply repeat steps as needed Hang to dry Wash with brush and delicate soap (as needed)

What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

One (1) Evaporative Cooling Baseball Cap

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