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Cooling Collar Inserts

From WagSafely |

Cooling Collar Inserts

From WagSafely |
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What Our Top Dog Says About The Dog Cooling Collar Inserts:

The Dog Cooling Collar Inserts is the best cooling insert because it insures that your dog won't be shocked or burned by ice. The targeted temperature technology keeps the dog cooling collar at a comfortable 58 degrees. It can also be regenerated by placing it in a cooler or any area that is below 58 degrees. Phase Change Material or PCM is a non-toxic chemical that freezes at 58F and stays at that temperature for 2-3 hrs. It works by absorbing heat away from your dog's body. It is not a cold collar, it is a cool collar, and is designed to keep your dog cool and comfortable, not cold. You can keep a PCM cooling insert pressed against your skin and there is no discomfort. There is no ice burn, condensation or fluctuating temperatures with PCM, like you would have with an ice -filled collar. PCM is not water based, it is a carbon based liquid and it is 25% lighter than water. Keep your dog comfortable during those humid and dry days; get your cooling collar and load up on these inserts today!

Here Are The Doggie Details:

Great for Humid and Dry Climates, in 100 % humidity this cooling collar will maintain 58 Degree temperature Choose the insert that matches your dog collar, either medium/ large or large/xlarge Simply insert it into the dog cooling collar Non-Toxic, Polyurethane Insert Will last up to two hours depending upon the outside temperature

Tips & Advise About the Cool Pax Cooling Inserts:

This is our top choice dog cooling collar because it is good for all types of weather. We strongly recommend getting an extra insert so you can easily change it out when the other one melts. To use the collar, submerge the inserts and place in a freezer until solid or in ice water for up to 45 minutes. Then place inserts in the collar|neckband.

PLEASE READ ABOUT COOL PAX TECHNOLOGY below, so you can understand that it is still working even when it doesn't feel cold.

What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

One (1) Dog Cooling Collar Insert

Cool Pax Technology

Here's the information directly from Techniche-Intl, the leaders in cooling technology:

The Phase Change Cooling Technology utilizes high purity alkane materials to achieve targeted temperature cooling. Our Phase Change Cooling Materials (PCM) are non-toxic, non-flammable and non-combustible.

In our advanced manufacturing procedures, these PCM’s are sealed inside high strength polyurethane to ensure they do not leak. 

Cool Pax gel inserts are designed to provide targeted temperature cooling by using advanced phase change cooling materials. These materials are activated by exposing them to any condition below their phase change temperature. This means that Cool Pax can be activated in freezers, fridges, ice water or any other situation where the temperature is below 58°F. This unique feature means that with the use of ice in a cooler, users can re-activate inserts by simply placing them in a cooler full of ice…no need for electricity.

Compared to water, these phase change materials freeze faster, stay frozen longer and are lighter in weight and offer these benefits:

  • -Works effectively in all temperature environments (including High humidity)
  • -Targeted cooling for key heat zones, promotes comfort and enhances performance
  • -Provides targeted cooling comfort and heat stress prevention
  • -No freezer or ice burns
  • -Can be placed directly against the skin

How to activate
Cool Pax Phase Change Cooling inserts are activated in ice water or freezer. They will re-charge in any environment where the temperature is below 58°F. Simply place them in ice water or the freezer for 45 mins to ensure that they are solid all the way through

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