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Deluxe Cooling Neckband - SALE

From Techniche Intl |

Deluxe Cooling Neckband - SALE

From Techniche Intl |
$ 39.99 $ 19.99


What Our Top Dog Says About The Cooling Neckband:

The Phase Change Cooling Neckband keeps you cool during hot days or hot working conditions. The patented cooling insert is designed to maintain the optimum cooling temperature of 58 degrees for heat stress relief. They are ideal for cooling the upper body while at work or play.

Here are the Doggie Details:

  • Provides Cooling & Prevents Heat Stress by Pulling Heat Away from your Body.
  • Releases long-lasting, targeted temperature (58 degrees) REGARDLESS of HUMIDITY or your Body Temperature.
  • NO ICE BURN or SHOCK or dripping water.
  • Non-toxic, durable, reusable, lighter than water, and does not produce condensation
  • Easy to activate – simply soak in cool water or the freezer for 15-30 minutes.
  • One size fits all
  • Tie fasten so it's adjustable
  • 100% cotton (excluding insert)
  • Include one (1) Cool PaxTM Phase Change Cooling Standard Neck Band Insert
  • Add extra inserts so you can keep one cool to change out all day

What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

One (1)Phase Change Cooling Neckband TechKewl™

How It Works:

Simply place in a freezer until solid. Or submerge inserts in ice water for up to 45 minutes. Place inserts to garment pockets. Wear comfortably; repeat steps as needed (or use additional inserts for continuous relief).

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