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Dog eGlow Lighted Dog Collar

From Dog Eglow |

Dog eGlow Lighted Dog Collar

From Dog Eglow |
$ 14.99


What Our Top Dog Says About The Dog eGlow LED Dog Collar:

The Dog-e-Glow LED Dog Collar is emerging as a new customer favorite! And it's no wonder. These are high quality lighted collars available in a variety of colors, fun patterns and sizes. The collars feature a steady glow and flash mode. Flash mode is the brightest and uses the least battery power. The batteries last approximately 150 hours and the LEDs last for 100,000 hours. These collars are fully weather resistant and visible up to 100 feet in the dark. Each collar comes with 2032 batteries pre-installed, PLUS a free set of replacement batteries.

As with all LED dog collars, you can easily see where your dog is at all times. When you combine the lighted collar with a lighted LED leash your dog is visible to you, other people, and cars at night or times of low visibility. 

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • Easy to Change Batteries simply slide out the battery tray and add new batteries
  • Steady Glow and Flash Mode
  • Long battery life 100,000 hour L.E.D. Life
  • Fully weather-resistant
  • Visible up to 1000 feet in the dark
  • Batteries and one set of replacement batteries are included (of four 2032 3V batteries)

What My Top Dog Should Know About The Dog e-Glow Lighted Collar

  • Dog-e-Glow Lighted Dog Collars have one of the lowest defective rates of any collar or leash in the market. As with all of our lighted dog collars and leashes, we test it before it leaves the warehouse but sometimes the batteries die during shipping. Please test the batteries, and if it is the batteries, we will gladly refund you for new batteries or send you new ones.
  • Be sure to check out the matching Dog-e-Glow LED leashes. The leashes are available in a number of sizes and patterns. Look for the matching patterns to the collars. They also come in two lengths - 5 foot long (1/2 inch wide) for smaller dogs and 6 feet long (1 inch wide) for larger dogs.

Dog Eglow Collar & Leash Tips

  • Pull out the plastic tab to activate the batteries
  • Turn on the ON/OFF switch on the side to activate the unit
  • If the lights are dim, change the batteries.

What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

One DogeGlow Collar & Set of two 2032V batteries

Size Guide

  • Small Neck sizes        8" - 12"
  • Medium Neck sizes    10" - 15"
  • Large Neck sizes       15" – 21”
  • XL Neck sizes            18" -26"

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Question & Answers

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  • I would like a large blue bones collar which is out of stock- do you have a wait list for this item?

    Hi- We have discontinued carrying the dog eGlow brand of collars and leashes.
    We recommend the Nitebeam collars and leashes.  They stand behind a 90 day warranty.

  • What is the weight of these Collars?

    DogeGlow Dog collars are lightweight. Based on the size of the collar, weights will vary from 4 - 9 oz.

  • Lighted led collars - do they have an on and off switch??

    Most lighted dog collars have an ON| OFF switch. This switch controls three modes: ON or OFF, Flashing or Steady Light. The ON| OFF function helps you extend the battery life.

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