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Dog Goggles for Sun Protection

From Alcott |

Dog Goggles for Sun Protection

From Alcott |
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What Our Top Dog Says About The Alcott UV Dog Goggles:

The Alcott UV Dog Goggles are designed to protect your dog' eyes. If your dog rides in your car with his head outside the window, on a motorcycle, or in the back of a pickup, he/she needs eye protection. These UV Goggles will protect them from debris, sunlight, and strong wind. These goggles feature adjustable chin and head straps, flexible frames, and comfort padding. All goggles come with a reusable mesh bag for easy traveling and convenient storage.

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • SAFE: Shatterproof lenses
  • EASY TO FIT: Adjustable chin and head straps
  • COMFORTABLE: Soft padding on back of goggles
  • Comes with its own travel bag
  • DESIGNED TO STAY ON : two adjustable straps


  • Small:      5L X 1.6H X x 1W
  • Medium:  5.5L X 1.7H X x 1W
  • Large:      6L X 2.1H X x 1.57W

Top Dog Tips & Advice About Alcott UV Dog Goggles:

The Dog goggles are made by Alcott. They stand behind their products and with dog goggles your dog is either going to like them or not like them. They are well-designed with thicker head and neck adjustable bands so they stay secure on your best pal.

What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

  • One (1) Alcott UV Dog Goggles

Training Tips:

  • Most dogs will readily accept Doggles after a short adjustment period.
  • Don't put the goggles on your dog while indoors. Imagine yourself wearing dark tinted glasses inside. You cannot see, and neither can your dog.
  • When you first put the goggles on your dog, don't let him paw at the glasses or roll to get them off. Reassure him that its okay. Give him a treat when he doesn't scratch at the goggles.
  • Take him immediately to bright sunlight and let him realize that he can see with them on. Walk around, get his mind off the goggles.
  • Try to go through this routine as often as possible. The number of training sessions required depends on your dog.

Question & Answers

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  • Do these offer 100% UV protection?

    The Dog Goggles offer 100 % UV protection.
    They are also shatterproof and have anti-fog protection

  • How do I know what size goggles to order for my dog?

    Hi- Unfortunately, we only have large dog goggles left in stock.
    Here's the dimensions for the large dog goggles:  6" length x 2.1" height x 1.57" depth

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