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Dog Leggings | Protective Sleeves

From WagSafely |

Dog Leggings | Protective Sleeves

From WagSafely |
$ 29.99


 Top Dog Tips About The Dog Leg Wraps | Protective Sleeves:

Dog's Legs are subject to many irritants:such as fox tails, ticks, fleas, pesticides, sharp branches, and more.  Additionally,  dogs are constantly  licking their wounds on their leg so they don't heal. There's lots of products that solve a piece of this problem but only the Dog Leg wraps solve them all.

WagSafely ™ created these dog leg wraps after extensive dog-testing.

The new dog leg wraps stay on your dog's legs and are also adjustable to fit comfortably around their back.  Each sleeve slides easily over your dog's paw and then secures on the bottom, so your dog can't pull them off. The durable fabric is also extremely flexible to allow for comfort during wear. 

Dog Leg Wraps  lets your dog move comfortably while stopping them from biting or licking their legs This really helps dogs during allergy season. The leg wraps can also be used outside to prevent foxtails and burs and fleas from getting on your dog's legs.

Effective for relief of allergies, wounds, hot spots or injuries, they slip on easily, stretching to accommodate casts or wound dressings, with a snug yet flexible fit that allows normal activity.    

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Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • Designed for your dog's front legs.
  • The material is a thin nylon material that is lightweight and thin. It's designed that way so it doesn't inhibit your dog's movement. 
  • The two interconnected leggings design helps break the animal’s fixation on the affected leg
  • Reflective Stitches on the top add visibility at dusk & dawn
  • Provides a  protective barrier but still lets your dog's legs breath
  • Discourages Licking & Biting on legs
  • Can cover casts to keep them clean
  • Prevents Fleas and Ticks from getting on your dogs' legs
  • No more cones !

Top Dog Tips & Advice  About The Dog Leg Wraps 

The dog leggings won't stop the licking but they will protect the wounds. We suggest you try the bitter apple spray - put it on the garment first, let it dry a bit, then put it on your dog.  That way they will have a bad taste associated with the garment- not the spray.

The leg wraps can be worn outside. They are not intended to be a wound care garment. As always, consult your vet and as with all wound dressings, take it off after several hours to let the wound heal.

What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

One Set of Two (2) Dog Leg Wraps for FRONT LEGS 

Size Guide 

WagSafely's leggings are VERY ADJUSTABLE.  

The top strap adjusts from 10 - 18 inches across the dog's back.

The length of the leggings can be a bit longer, since they are closed down at the bottom.

Large Dog Leg Wraps 

Circumference 10" : Measure around the dog legs - including fur 

Length: 11"  from the top of the paw to under the leg

Breeds that Fit Large Size:

  • Boxers
  • Labrador Retrievers
  • Golden Retrievers
  • Goldendoodles
  • Weimaraners and similarly sized breeds.

Medium Dog Leg Wraps 

Circumference 8" : Measure around the dog legs - including fur 

Length: 8"  from the top of the paw to under the leg

Breeds that Fit Medium Size:

  • English Fox Hounds
  • Border Collies
  • Miniature Poodles
  • German Short-haired Pointers
  • Vizslas and similarly sized breeds.
  • St charles spaniel

Small Dog Leg Wraps (14-18 inches)

Circumference 6" : Measure around the dog legs - including fur 

Length: 6"  from the top of the paw to under the leg

Breeds that Fit Small Size:

  • Poodles
  • Shitzus
  • Bichons
  • Larger Yorkies


Q-Are the dog leggings adjustable?
Simply adjust the reflective strap on the top to fit around your dog's back.
Q-Will they keep my dog warm?
A- Dog leggings are primarily a protective garment designed to protect casts and stop itching, they are lightweight material and not designed for warmth
Q-Can dog leggings be used directly on open wounds?
Dog leg wraps  are not intended to be used as a medical product nor are they a substitute for proper wound dressings. Dog leg wraps can be used as a covering over proper, veterinary approved, wound dressings and casts.


Question & Answers

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  • My Boston Terrier constantly licks her front legs. Can these be worn 24/7?

    The dog leg wraps will cover and protect the leg.  We recommend dabbing bitter apple on the leggings before putting the wraps on so your dog associates the bad taste with the leg wraps, not the garment.  Also, try giving your dog a treat ball filled with treats to distract him and keep him entertained after putting the dog leg wraps on him.  Your vet is the best person to help stop the licking behavior.

  • Are these wraps able to be used in a hunting situation to protect from abrasion and things in heavy brush and briars? Can my dog run and move freely in them and not have them ca use irritation when hunting?

    The dog leg wrap, leggings are designed to cover the legs but are made of a lightweight nylon material.
    The Ultra Paws leg wraps are more durable but don't cover the legs completely.  We are waiting for the latest version of the UltraPaw leg wraps which will be released by the end of September 2016.

  • do you have any leggings for the hind legs? My dog has sores on his hind legs.

    The dog leggings are made for the front legs.  To protect sores on a dog's back legs, we'd recommend the
    Healer Dog Wraps.

    They come in two sizes.
    Choose the size based on the height of the dog's legs: Size 1-    2 " wide -18 " long |  Blue Healer, Bull Dog Size 2 -   2 " wide -24 " long | Lab size to higher

  • Can this be used on back legs?

    The dog leg wraps are for the dog\'s front legs only. If you need a wrap for the back legs, try the leg wraps

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