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Dog Safety Tether for Bike Seats & Shopping Carts

From WagSafely |

Dog Safety Tether for Bike Seats & Shopping Carts

From WagSafely |
$ 9.99


Top Dog Tips About the Dog Safety Tether:

The Dog Safety Tether  secures your dog for safe travel in shopping carts, bike seats, or anywhere else you need to secure your dog. While the tether prevents your dog from freely roaming or being able to jump out of a bike seat or shopping cart, it is fully adjustable to allow your dog to stand, sit or lay comfortably without restriction.

All of the tethers are Reflective with soft nylon.  The difference between the small and large tethers is the size and weight of the connection hardware.  

Since the tether is designed to fit a number of different dog breeds, flexibility is a must to allow for a comfortable fit no matter what your dog’s size is. The tether is fully adjustable from 10" all the way up to 16" for all dogs giving them plenty or room but keeping it tight enough to restrain them. 

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • DESIGNED BY EXPERTS -WagSafely safety tethers are hand-sewn and designed by our vet consultants and tested by our customer panel for durability, quality hardware & visibility
  • DOUBLE REFLECTIVE STITCHING - the only reflective dog tether available.  Plus, it is sewn in for durability and is reflective on both sides so your dog is visible at any angle. 
  • DURABLE SOFT NYLON - High-quality heavy nylon webbing has been tensile-tested for strength & durability. Soft Nylon won't chafe your dog
  • 1" wide with larger hardware
  • ADJUSTABLE from 10 -16 inches for each side
  • Designed for dogs 50 lbs to 115 lbs.
  • 3/4 "wide soft nylone with med size hardware (clasps & rings)
  • ADJUSTABLE from 10 -16 inches for each side
  • Designed for dogs 15 lbs to 49 lbs.

What My Top Dog Should Know About The Dog Safety Tether :

Do not attach the tether to your dog’s collar as this can cause serious injury or even death in the event of an  accident. Attach to a harness only for maximum protection.

We recommend you keep it adjusted to a tighter setting with room for your dog to be comfortable but not loose enough that your dog can't jump off of the seat. 

Securing your dog in the bike  with a seat belt/tether can actually prevent accidents! Most dog/bike accidents are caused by a dog that distracted the bike rider.


What Comes In The Doggie Bag

  • One (1) Dog Safety  Tether 

Question & Answers

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  • We have 2 Rottweilers - they ride on the floor in the backseat of a pickup - with the seats up - will these work in the scenario?

    The Dog Seat belt is very solidly built with a really strong clasp for the dog's harness.  It will hold a rottweiler.
    The key is that the seat belt buckle needs a seat belt clasp to attach to , if you have seat belt clasps in the back of the truck it will work.  Otherwise, they make tethers for securing dogs in pick ups.

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