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Dog Training Clicker

From PetSafe |

Dog Training Clicker

From PetSafe |
$ 7.99


Top Dog Tips About The Dog Training Clicker:

Improves Your Timing for Quicker Results!. With the new Clik-R you won't miss an opportunity to click and reward your dog due to fumbling with your clicker. The Clik-R has been designed by world famous clicker trainer, Terry Ryan.

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • Raised Button Makes it Easy to Click.
  •  Easy to use: You can click even put the clicker on the floor and click your foot.
  • Ergonomic Design. The Clik-R fits comfortably in your hand.
  •  Fits in your Hand So You Are Always Ready: T
  • Not too Loud and Not too Soft.
  • I little bit of a lighter and quieter sound than the standard box clicker
  • Purple with green detail. 2" x 1.5".
  • Loop included for attachment to a key ring.

Training Tips

What is Clicker Training?
It is training using almost entirely positive reinforcement - teaching your dog to learn... using no physical compulsion or corrections whatsoever.
Instead of yanking dogs around, shoving them into place, giving some praise, and hoping the dog will make the connection, dogs are taught using the scientific methods of classical & operant conditioning.
Clicker training works for every dog, from bold to timid, from tiny to giant. This is the type of training used for most (all?) animals trained for movie & TV work, too.
The clicker itself is simply a little toy-like device that is used in the initial stages of training any behavior. It provides clear & precise communication between owner & dog and allows you both to concentrate on & enjoy the task at hand. You click at the exact moment the dog is performing whatever it is you want, and since you always follow that click with a tasty treat, the dog will learn to love the sound, and the work to make that sound happen! As part of the training, you teach the dog hand and/or verbal signals for each behavior. As the dog learns these, you phase out the clicker. It has completed its function, which was to communicate to your dog which behavior you desired.
With positive reinforcement training there is no more forcing a dog to learn. Instead, the dog becomes eager to learn! Very tasty food treats are the primary reinforcers at first because they are easy to use but many, many other reinforcements are used as well - from squeaky toys to playing games. A dog properly trained this way will not be dependent upon food in order to respond.
Clicker training can be used to teach your dog (or just about any animal) regular pet obedience type behaviors (such as loose-leash walking) as well as more advanced competition, trick or service behaviors. You will love it... and so will your dog!

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