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Doggie Cool Cooling Dog Collar

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Doggie Cool Cooling Dog Collar

From WagSafely
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Top Dog Tips For The Doggie Cool Cooling Dog Collar:

Cool your dog SAFELY with the patented CoolPax inserts that stay at a comfortable 58°. Great for both Humid and Dry Climates, even in 100% humidity this cooling collar will maintain a 58 Degree temperature.The patented insert is lighter than ice & doesn't drip because there is no condensation. It creates a DRY COOL effect.

Your dog will stay cool in three ways:

  • Evaporative cooling, using ice; 
  • Using the Cool Pax inserts,which provide consistent cooling at a steady 58°F. Don’t drip & are great for indoor cooling.
  • Use both ice and inserts for maximum cooling.

The Doggie Cool Collar is non-toxic.It's VET-RECOMMENDED for a safe, effective way to cool your dog. Plus, it's REFLECTIVE to keep your dog safe.  

Keep your doggie comfortable during those humid and dry days; get your cooling collar today!

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • Vet recommended
  • Reflective Wear year round as a reflective collar
  • Non-toxic gel inserts are made in the USA.  Collar materials were cut in China and sewn in the USA. 
  • Easy to use, just cool down the insert anywhere that is cooler than 58 degrees (cooler, ice bucket, etc.). 
  • Machine washable (take out the inserts)
  • Each insert will last up to three hours depending upon the outside temperature
  • Size: Medium -Fits Necks from 13-20 inches
  • Size: Large | XL-Fits Necks from 16-29 inches

Top Dog Tips:

 For evaporative cooling, add ice.The melting ice will run down the front of the dog and not only offers a comfortable cool sensation, but also more importantly promotes evaporative cooling over the very vascular chest area of the dog. The action of the water evaporating cools the blood and the core temperature of the dog.

How It Works

The Cool Pax Phase Change Cooling Technology utilizes high purity alkane materials to achieve targeted temperature cooling. Our Phase Change Cooling Materials (PCM) are non-toxic, non-flammable and non-combustible.These PCM’s are sealed inside high strength polyurethane to ensure they do not leak. 

Cool Pax gel inserts are designed to provide targeted temperature cooling by using advanced phase change cooling materials. These materials are activated by exposing them to any condition below their phase change temperature. This means that Cool Pax can be activated in freezers, refrigerators, ice water or any other situation where the temperature is below 58°F. This unique feature means that with the use of ice in a cooler, users can re-activate inserts by simply placing them in a cooler full of ice…no need for electricity. They freeze faster, stay frozen longer and are lighter in weight than water.

Cool Pax Phase Change Cooling inserts are activated in ice water or freezer. They will re-charge in any environment where the temperature is below 58°F. Simply place them in ice water or the freezer for 45 min

  • Activate the cooling insert by placing it in cool water, freezer or the refrigerator for 20 minutes.
  • For evaporative cooling, place crushed ice inside the collar; the water from the melted ice will drip down your doggie’s chest.
  • Plus, the ice prolongs the Cool Pax’s cooling power.

What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

  • One (1) Doggie Cool Collar
  • One (1) Cool Pax Target Temperature Insert

Key Benefits

  • Provides cooling comfort and heat stress protection in high temperature environments.
  • Great for extreme heat and for working dogs
  • Inserts release long-lasting, temperature-specific (58 degrees F, 14 degrees C), cooling relief.
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable, durable, reusable, lighter than water, and does not produce condensation.

Size Guide

  • MEDIUMFits necks 13-20 inches
  • LARGE| XLARGE  Fits necks 16-28 inches

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