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Dog Cooling Pad -Evaporative Cooling

From Techniche Intl |

Dog Cooling Pad -Evaporative Cooling

From Techniche Intl |
$ 24.99


What Our Top Dog Says About The Evaporative Dog Cooling Pad:

The Evaporative Dog Cooling Pad is an economical alternative to our other cooling pads The Evaporative Cooling Mats are simple to use and last for hours. This simple and effective technology works by combining water with the cooling fabric to create garments that gradually release water through evaporation to keep your pet cool and comfortable.

Designed to fit standard dog crates. Ideal for warm, dry climates,activates quickly and will last for hours.

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • Great way to cool down your pet on a hot day; can be used indoors or out
  • Simply soak the pad for one to two minutes in water and it will activate the cooling technology
  • Gently squeeze out the excessive water after dampening
  • The technology in this pad is embedded in the fabric so it disperses the cooling evenly.
  • To reduce the possibility of mildew, this pad will stay cool for four hours and then dry out.
  • Provides four hours of cooling relief per soaking; extremely lightweight and durable
  • Comfortable, quilted nylon outer w/ HyperKewl™ fabric inner, and water repellent nylon liner,with black poly-cotton trim
  • To wash, simply hand wash scrub the pad with warm soap 

Size Guide

Hyperkewl Cooling Pad Size Guide


To Activate Cooling Energy:

  • Submerge unit in water for 30-60 seconds
  • Gently squeeze out excess water
  • Stay Cool Outer Material: 100% Nylon
  • Inner Material: Polymer Embedded Fabric
  • Care: In order to maintain the longest life of the product and fabric it is best to hand wash with a gentle soap and brush. 

Question & Answers

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  • What are the dimensions on the large vs. the extra large mats?

    Here are the dimensions for the Large and XLarge Hyperkewl dog cooling pad.  We have added all the dimensions to the size guide tab.

    Large is 23 X 36
    Xlarge is  28 X42

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