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Flea Comb- Remove Fleas & Eggs

From Guardian Gear |

Flea Comb- Remove Fleas & Eggs

From Guardian Gear |
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What My Top Dog Should Know About the Flea Comb:

Flea combs are a fine toothed device that you can use to find fleas (and remove them) from pets. In fact, most of them can be used for both dogs and cats or even other furry animals like rabbits. While normal human hair combs might work, they won’t be as effective because the teeth of the comb needs to be very close together to ensure that fleas, dirt and eggs are caught.

Flea Comb Benefits

  • For removing adult fleas – This will bring immediate relief to your pet
  • For the identification of flea dirt – This indicates the presence of fleas.
  • For the removal of flea dirt, adult fleas and their eggs.

Also remember that these combs are great for removing fleas from small pets that cannot use most flea products due to sensitive skin. It’s also a great way to control fleas if you prefer to avoid chemicals.

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • Ergonomic plastic handle that fits perfectly in the hand for combing without fatigue.
  • Close pins easily remove fleas, flea eggs, and debris from the coat
  • Easily fits in a pocket
  • Material: High impact plastic for the grip; stainless steel teeth
    Size: 3 inches; Teeth - fine, 29 per inch; ½ inch long teeth

Using A Flea Comb

Before you begin combing, you should fill a bowl or bucket with hot and soapy water. This will be used to kill the fleas you find on your pet. Make sure your water bucket is deep enough that a flea will not be able to jump out of it.
You need to pick a location for your combing. Many recommend that you do it outside to make sure any flea eggs you knock loose do not end up all over the floor of your home.
Begin Combing
Take the comb and run it through your pet’s fur. Start your combing at your pet’s ears and head and move towards their tail. Pay close attention to both the underside and the top of your pet’s neck and the area around their rump. These are all areas where fleas are known to hide out!
After a thorough combing of an area, stop and look at the comb’s teeth to see if there are any fleas on it. You then should pull the fleas off the comb into the soapy water. You also have the option of dunking the comb into your water bowl, but some have found this is a less effective way of cleaning fleas off the comb.
After you have combed your pet, wait for a few minutes for the fleas to move around and then comb again. Some pests that had been hiding in hard to reach areas like the legs may now have migrated to a more accessible part of your pet.
Clean Up
Dump your flea-infested water down the drain. If you combed inside your home, vacuum around the area to pick up any flea eggs that were knocked loose. If you combed outside, hose down the area to drown any fleas that may have escaped.
It is recommended you comb your dog up to once a day, depending on the level of their flea infestation. Remember, a spot on or oral treatment will provide more complete results. But in a pinch, a good flea comb can help make your pet feel better right away!

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