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High Visibility Reflective Dog Vest - SALE

From Alcott |

High Visibility Reflective Dog Vest - SALE

From Alcott |
$ 9.99


What Our Top Dog Says About The High Visibility  Reflective Dog Vest:

This bright yellow Alcott Highly Visible Dog Vest ensures that your dog is seen.  The bright yellow color of this visible dog vest also deters Geese.  This dog vest is lightweight, extremely bright with reflective trim perfect for city walks or running free in the backyard.  Your dog will be visible to cars and other pedestrians wearing this small Alcott Essential visibility dog vest.  Get your yellow dog vest that was designed for your dog to be seen; get the Alcott high visibility dog vest today!

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • Bright Yellow – highly visible for over 1/4 mile
  • Use during both daytime and nighttime adventures for improved visibility
  • The vest is lightweight, fully adjustable and ideal for daily use
  • Lightweight breathable fabric
  • Fully adjustable via reflective straps
  • Buckles are good quality-rubberized so no sharp plastic edges
  • Adorable reflective dog on the vest to add fun & style
  • Use in combination with a collar - no hole for harness leash attachment
  • Perfect for daily use

What My Top Dog Should Know About The Hi-Viz Dog Vest:

Whether you take your dog out hunting with you or not, reflective dog vests are a great way to keep him safe. Even if you simply take your dog out for a daily walk, these vests ensure that he is highly visible to others. Made from durable, brightly colored, reflective materials, reflective dog vests are a good choice for all dogs that spend time outdoors.

Using Reflective Dog Vests:

There are many uses for reflective dog vests. Many people like to put them on their hunting dogs when they accompany them into the woods. Other hunters easily see the neon-colored fabric so the dog is not mistaken for a deer or other type of prey. During hunting season, pet owners use these vests even when their dogs aren’t going into the woods. This is especially essential when living in rural areas surrounded by hunting land. In areas like this, a dog simply spending time in his own backyard could be at risk. With a reflective vest, he is more visible and less likely to be injured.

NOTE: Alcott and Ultra Paws now have slits in the reflective vests for the leash to go through.

What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

  • One (1) Alcott Bright Yellow Dog Vest

Size Guide




CHEST: 13- 17in LENGTH: 10.5in         WAIST: 18-24 in


CHEST: 18-24 in LENGTH: 14 in           WAIST: 24-28


CHEST:24-30 in LENGTH:18 in             WAIST:24-32 in

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