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Insect Shield Dog Blanket

From Insect Shield |

Insect Shield Dog Blanket

From Insect Shield |
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What Our Top Dog Says About The Insect Shield Dog Blanket:

The Insect Shield Dog Blanket is a lightweight, odorless shield that is designed to protect dogs from insects while outside. The patent-pending process binds proprietary permethrin against the fabric fibers to provide an odorless insect shield for pets. The lightweight blanket is made with 100% Polyester fabric, so it is extremely comfortable and also highly durable. Due to its lightweight nature, the blanket can easily compact and be packed for travel. Get the Guardian Gear Insect Shield Dog Blanket today!

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • Permethrin coated fabric provides effective, odorless insect protection
  • Lightweight blanket is incredibly comfortable for pets to lay on
  • Compact design is easy to pack and travel with 100% polyester fabric i
  • Extremely durable to withstand extended use
  • Active ingredient is tightly bonded to the fabric fibers that it retains repellency
  • Repels ticks, fleas, mosquitos, flies, ants and chiggers
  • Washable, odorless, no pasty films or runny liquids, no chemicals into pet's skin
  • Repels mosquitoes that may carry Zika virus

What My Top Dog Should Know About The Insect Shield Dog Blanket:

The blanket is machine washable up to 70 times. To launder, wash on cold water setting and line dry. It prevents mosquito bites which should help reduce the risks of the Zita virus.

What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

One (1) Guardian Gear Insect Shield Dog Blanket

Size Guide

  • Regular Size: 56” x 48”
  • Large Size: 76" X 56"

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Question & Answers

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  • Do the fleas jump off the dog and onto us?

    Great Question ! The good news is if your dog is outside, the Insect Shield apparel will keep the fleas from jumping on your dog, so they won\'t come near you. If you are putting the insect shield garment on for the first time and you think your dog has fleas, it would be best to put it on outside the house.

  • If we have this blanket do we need a bandana too?

    The Insect shield blanket will keep fleas away from your dog when he is laying on it. When he is romping or walking, we\'d recommend wearing other insect shield apparel such as the shirts or bandanas.

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