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Kong- Air Collar - Soft Ecollar for Recovery

From Kong

Kong- Air Collar - Soft Ecollar for Recovery

From Kong
$ 12.99
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What Our Top Dog Says About The Kong Air Collar:

The Kong Air Collar is an extremely durable and comfortable item that prevents your dog from tampering with bandages and other wounds.The KONG Cloud Collar is extremely soft so it doesn't chafe your dog's neck and rests comfortably on their neck. Dogs don't like to lose their peripheral vision so the Kong air collar retains their ability to eat and drink. It’s great for dogs or cats recovering from surgery or wounds. Get the Kong Air Collar today!

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • Prevents your pets from reaching injuries in the front and back of their body
  • Washable
  • Scratch and bite resistant 
  • Will not mark or scrape furniture
  • Made of inflatable plastic coated element that is placed in a highly resistant cover with a zipper side and adjustable hook & loop straps
  • Available in these sizes:XS,S,M,L,XL

How to Use the Kong Air Collar:

  • Insert your pet's everyday collar through the inner ring loops of the Kong Cloud Collar
  • Inflate the Kong Cloud Collar via air valve (pinch and blow). Inflate until it feels full - but not hard. Fasten everyday collar onto your pet and connect the Velcro strap on the Kong Cloud Collar to close

What My Top Dog Should Know About The Kong Air Collar:

The Kong Air Collar is best used for injuries around the face, eyes and ears. For rear wounds, we recommend the cover-me up post surgery garment or the Comfy Cone air collar

What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

  • One (1) Kong Air Collar

Size Guide:

  • XSmall Neck size up to 6-inches Suitable for cats and toy breeds
  • Small Neck size 6-inches to 10-inches suitable for cats as well as Jack Russell, Sheltie and similar breeds
  • Medium Neck size 10-inches to 13-inches suitable for Border Collie, Spaniel| similar breeds
  • Large Neck size 13-inches to 18-inches suitable for Labrador, Golden Retriever |similar breeds
  • XLarge Neck size 18-inches and up suitable for Rottweiler, Mastiff, Great Dane and similar breeds

Here are some examples of breeds for the Kong Air Collar sizing:

  • X-Small: Chihuahuas and Toy-like breeds, cats
  • Small: Yorkie, Maltese-like breeds
  • Medium: Boston Terrier, Beagle-like breeds
  • Large: Boxer, Australian Shepherd-like breeds
  • X-Large: Labrador, Golden Retriever-like breeds
  • XX-Large: German Shepherd, Mastiff-like breeds

Watch Our Demo Video

This video demonstrates how the inflatable ecollar works. We replaced the Zen collar with the Kong air collar because it is softer.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Tried it

    Not so good it did not take my dog long to figuring out how to get it off.

    Wonderful invention!

    I purchased the healing collar for my 100 lb. Lab as an alternative to the old E collar. He had surgery to remove a mass from his hip. He was very prone to licking the surgical sight. With your collar, he could easily see, eat and drink and actually enjoyed wearing your collar! He slept with the healing collar on every night for two weeks. Even now, week after the surgery, if I pick up your collar, he wants to put it on! Worked as described except better! Highly recommend this product and your company. I received the healing product two days after I ordered it online via standard shipping.

    awesome collar

    It was just what we needed. My dog wears it comfortably and it keeps her from tearing her stitches out. I loosen it at night so she can put her head down and she sleeps like a baby. I'm so happy to have discovered it. THANKS!!!

    so healing!

    A fellow Bichon-owner told me about this collar when I expressed total frustration about my little dog, who has severe skin allergies and had licked & chewed holes all over his body (many of which had gotten infected). I'd been resisting putting him in a regular vet collar because he's a very shy, sensitive rescue dog with emotional issues, and I didn't want to traumatize him. He's been wearing this collar 24 hours a day for 3 weeks now (because the second we remove it, he starts licking again!). He seems to sleep very comfortably in it, and has no trouble eating or drinking, running up and down stairs, or jumping on & off laps or the couch & bed. He has been playing very happily with it on, as well! I do worry about whether he is constantly uncomfortable because he can't reach the itchy places any more-- so I've been giving him antihistamines and tons of oatmeal baths-- but this wonderful collar has finally allowed his skin a chance to actually HEAL while we look for a cure for those itchies. (Note-- he has been working hard on finding spots he can still reach, and HAS been able to occasionally get to spots on his tail and lower haunches-- but he can't keep up the licking incessantly and so has not been able to make new holes!) THIS PRODUCT IS SAVING OUR DOG'S LIFE AND OUR SANITY! **THANK YOU.**

    Good Product

    Works well-measure carefully and follow the sizing instructions.