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Kumfy Tailz Cooling Pax or Insert

From Kumfy Tailz |

Kumfy Tailz Cooling Pax or Insert

From Kumfy Tailz |
$ 8.99


 Top Dog Tips About the Kumfy Tailz  Dog Cooling Insert:

The inserts are specially designed to be safe and to easily fit into the comfy tails harness.


Cooling the Kumfy Pax

  • Lay Kumfy Pax flat in freezer for at least an hour.
  • Will stay flexible when frozen.
  • Remove from freezer and massage gel to promote uniform temperature.
  • Insert into Kumfy Tailz as directed.


To activate, simply freeze the insert and place it into the cooling harness. The cooling effect should last from 1-2 hours depending upon conditions. We strongly recommend purchasing an extra insert so you can change them out for longer walks. Many people carry the extra in a ziplock bag with ice and keep changing them out.

Dogs have a higher body temperature than we do (101°-103°F), so to help regulate body temperature they need more efficient and concentrated cooling in the summer.

What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

  • One (1) Kumfy Tails KT Fit Gel Pack Insert

Size Guide

  • XS: Neck: 11-13 in. I Belly: 12-16 in. I Gel Pack: 2x7 in.
  • S: Neck: 14-18 in. I Belly: 20-23 in. I Gel Pack: 2x9 in.
  • M: Neck: 18-24 in. I Belly: 26-32 in. I Gel Pack: 4x10 in.
  • L: Neck: 24-32 in. I Belly: 30-38 in. I Gel Pack: 6x15 in.

If between sizes, consider the larger size. If your dog has a stout build, deep chest, or is overweight, consider going up one size. If your dog is long-backed, like a Dachshund, consider a smaller size.

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