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LOUD Emergency Alarm - SALE

From KeepDoggieSafe |

LOUD Emergency Alarm - SALE

From KeepDoggieSafe |
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What Our Top Dog Says About the LOUD Emergency Alarm

The LOUD Emergency Alarm is perfect for protecting you from aggressive dogs and coyotes.

In our town, everyone carries these during peak coyote or mountain lion sighting seasons.  It not only keeps the predators at bay but it also alerts everyone that danger is near.

This easily activated alarm will emit an ear piercing 101dB alert that will send your aggressor fleeing for the confines of a sound proof room. You can deactivate this alarm just as easily as you activated it, with the click of a perfectly located button. This alarm fits easily in your pocket, purse, can be clipped onto your belt, or attached to a key chain.

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • 101dB Personal Alarm with a Clip-On Attachment
  • Concealed On-Off Button
  • Compact and Sleek Design
  • Built-In Keychain Attachment
  • Uses AG13 Batteries. Batteries Included

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Question & Answers

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  • When I walk my dog and another dog approaches my dog in an unfriendly manner or approaches me even with my dog with me how can this use this without affecting my dog's ears

    The LOUD Emergency alarm is heard everywhere when you press the button.   Our dogs do hear it but after the third time, they were used to it and went into an alert position-which had a great effect.  They were not reacting to the coyotes, simply thought they were other dogs, and this helps them stay safe.  In the scenario of an aggressive dog approaching you, the alarm's goal is to keep the dog away from you and your dog.  Many people carry sticks or mace but if they are close enough for you to spray them, they are too close. Yes, your dog will hear the alarm but your dog will also be safe and get used to the sound and be more aware when it is used.

    We have a terrible coyote issue in our neighborhood and the alarm is used by everyone as a warning system.
    Most importantly, the alarm is a form of safely hazing coyotes and teaching them they are not welcome in our neighborhood and to find a safer area to hunt. The homes in a one block radius can hear the alarm and it alerts everyone to be careful that the coyotes are out.