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Microwavable-Reheatable Bed Warmer

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Microwavable-Reheatable Bed Warmer

From K&H |
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What Our Top Dog Says About The Microwavable-Reheatable Bed Warmer:

The Microwavable-Reheatable Bed Warmerkeeps dogs warm safely and comfortably.The non-toxic warmer is safe and stays warm for up to 12 hours inside a pet's bed. It's the only one of it's kind and customers report that it really works and saves on the heating bills

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • Long-lasting heat radiation transforms pet beds into a luxurious heated retreat from the cold.
  • Convenient microwavable warming pad insert for pet dog
  • Transform pet beds into a luxurious heated retreat from the cold
  • One Size Fits All Dimensions 9" x 9" x 1"
  • Pet bed warmer delivers 12 hours of soothing heat for your dog
  • Offer spa treatment or comforting relief to arthritic or aging pets
  • Durable neoprene cover and a convenient handle.
  • Hand wash with soap and water and air dry.

Top Dog Tips & Advice About The Microwavable-Reheatable Bed Warmer:

Simply microwave until soft and insert the heated pad under your dog bed cover. Wrap heated Microwaveable Warmer with a towel and place it on dog beds without removable covers or any favorite resting spot for therapeutic warmth.

What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

One (1) Microwavable-Reheatable Bed Warmer


  • Place into your clean microwave and heat until soft and squishy.
  • Most microwaves will take four to five minutes.
  • If the Microwaveable Warmer is still not soft and squishy, continue heating at one minute increments.
  • Tip: Keep track of the length of time it took for your Microwavable Warmer to become soft and squishy.
  • Write down your perfect time for convenient reference.
  • Discard Warmer if punctured or damaged.


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