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Mutt Mitt Dog Poop Bags - 30 Mitts

From KeepDoggieSafe |

Mutt Mitt Dog Poop Bags - 30 Mitts

From KeepDoggieSafe |
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What Our Top Dog Says About Mutt Mitt Poop Bags:

There's nothing worse than picking up poop, especially when it's warm and gooey.

Mutt Mitts make picking up poop much easier ... not enjoyable, just easier. Simply insert hand into mitt, open the pouch, collect the poop in the pouch and turn inside out for easy disposal.

Mutt Mitts Can be carried in any coat pocket or glove box. It is totally degradable, bio-degradable, and oxidative degradable with a degradation period equal to that of a leaf. 

Here's the Doggie Details:

  • Made of Solid 2-Ply Construction
  • Roomy Bottom Pouch
  • Puncture Resistant
  • Dispenses One At A Time (no rolls!)
  • Serves as Portable Water Dish
  • Need only 1 (bags usually take 2-3)
  • Works for all pets and solids and liquids
  • Easy and effective way to clean up mess
  • Great for traveling
  • Bio-degradable
  • Easily composted

What's in the Doggie Bag:

Thirty (30) Mutt Mitts

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