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Neoprene and Velcro Dog Carpus Protector

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Neoprene and Velcro Dog Carpus Protector

From WagSafely
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What Our Top Dog Says About the Dog Carpus Protector:

The Dog Carpus Protector can be used before and after surgery.   When dogs suffer injuries in the  lower leg joints such as from the carpal joints, there are more often traumatic causes behind this occurrence.

In connection with these complex joints being injured, ligaments are often affected in some way. The healing period is long and the dog needs a support around the joint as to not worsen the injury during this period. The carpus protector is stretched around your dog's leg, then secured on the medical-grade neoprene to stabilize the leg and let the ligament heal. 

PREVENTS DOGS from licking & biting an irritated spot on their legs

  • Carpal hyper-extension (mild to moderate)
  • Carpal instability/sprain or strain injury
  • Carpal osteoarthritis
  • Immune-mediate joint disease
  • Post-operative management of carpal arthrodesis or avulsion fractures
  • Osteoarthritis & Arthritis
  • OCD

Uncertain about sizes? We have the solution !  Click on the product pictures, we have the dimensions for each size right on the picture.   

We'd love to help you find the right size but the only way to determine the right size is for you to measure your dog's leg yourself. Our dog experts can't determine sizing based on your dog's weight.  Dog's legs vary greatly and measuring is the only way to get the right fit.

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • The Dog Leg Supporter can be used before and after surgery
  • Helps stabilize the carpus joint 
  • Medical Grade neoprene is the most expensive, best quality neoprene. It's good for sensitive & allergic dogs
  • Neoprene radiates heat back into the joint, helping heat up the joint for better mobility
  • Vets use them to support catheters and prevent damage from chronic licking.
  • The Velcro bands easily attach to the medical grade neoprene with our new and improved method
  • Our design doesn't include hook Velcro so your dog's fur won't get caught
  • Wash by hand and air-dry.

 Top Dog Tips & Advice

The Carpus Protector  is stretched around the entire leg and fastened with two Velcro bands in accordance with the stability one wants to use on the leg. The key is to place it correctly and measure the length of your dog's leg, so it's not too long on the vertical measurement.

What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

One (1) Carpus Protector

Size Guide:

The Carpus Wrap can be placed anywhere on your dog's legs.

SMALL-  (4.25" x 4.5") 

MED - (4.5" x 5")

LARGE -  (5.75" x 6.5")

XLARGE -  (6" x 8")

Great Questions

ISSUE: My dog suffers from extreme arthritis - his back legs are close together and his right front elbow sticks out

    • A- Are you trying to prevent chafing on the back legs?
    • Q- No. I want him to be able to walk without falling
    • A- Does he need a lifting harness to hold him up while walking or something to stabilize the legs?
    • Q- no. he walks but toward one side
    • A- I'm not sure if the dog wrap would work, it would stabilize his leg but if the muscles are weak- not sure if it would solve this problem. It's worth a try
    • We've had excellent reports of this product delaying surgeries
    • Q- no he does not need surgery. his cartilage his very thin
    • what about the hock protector? can I use this for his hind legs and wrap for the front legs
    • A- Good news on the surgery, this will support and stabilize the cartilage. If the back leg needs support for the hock, then that's the correct choice. The dog leg wrap can wrap around and protect any part of the leg
    • Q- what about the elbow protector. his right front elbow sticks out. would this help him
    • A- Yes, the elbow protector is specifically designed to protect the elbow, it needs a bending point. Many people have used it to protect the elbow or support it
    • Q- how does this work if I purchase these items and they do not work for fit right
    • A- buy two different sizes and we send you a free return label to return the size that doesn't fit. That also gets you free shipping over $39
    • Q- Can they be worn all day
    • A- Yes, we chose a medical-grade soft neoprene to prevent chafing
    • Q- What is the difference between soft neoprene and other neoprene?
    • A- The other neoprene is more of a sheen and solid finish. Medical grade sheen is a cozier fuzzy neoprene.
    • We also created it this way to eliminate the two straps the second strap on Velcro is the one that catches dog hair
    • Q- ok. if I purchase multiple sizes will my credit card get credited when I return the wrong size items?
    • A- Of course, typically within 24-48 hours of receipt of the return
    • A- Click on each product picture under each listing, we put the measurements on each size to reduce the need to order multiple sizes
    • Q- if he wears the hock supporters and 1 or 2 of the elbow protectors is he going to have a bad reaction. is the blood circulation going to influence him?
    • A- Please do not make the wraps too tight and you should be fine. We have never heard of this problem

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Question & Answers

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  • Rear knee will this work on the rear knee after surgery, to stop licking and chewing.

    Hello, Yes the Dog Carpus Protector will work to help stop the licking and chewing. We recommend adding the fun flex bandage for added protection. 

  • My dog uses her front legs to balance and propel herself forward to pee as she cannot use her back legs. Her elbows are now cocked out, can this fit up into where the chest an leg attaches? She is 7 lbs. and measures about 6 1/2 inches from where her leg attaches to her chest down to the first pad on the back of her foot. She needs support desperately, she is from a hoarding situation. Should I order extra small?

    The dog leg supporter is very versatile and can be used anywhere on either the front or back legs to add support.
    From what you described, you dog sounds like the Xsmall would work.  We have a program, where if you are not sure of the size, order two items, and we will send a return label with your order. 

  • My dog either tore or severely strained her R rear ACL joint.. she is 12 y.o. & not a candidate for surgery. Would this brace provide her stability and comfort? She\'s a 23# Rat Terrier / Caron Terrier mix. What size brace for her?

    The hock or ligament wraps provide both stability and radiant warmth to support the leg & joints and keep them warm so they can heal faster

  • My dog is a minature poodle and is 17 pounds. What size wrap do I need

    It would be best to measure your dog\'s leg and look at the measurement chart. Some poodles have longer legs and you might need a larger size. Our 20 lb bichon takes a small because he has shorter legs. It\'s hard to size over the internet, so we have a program where you buy two and send back the size that doesn\'t fit for free. We automatically include a return label when two products of different sizes are ordered

  • I have an English Bulldog weighs about 58lbs (female), she has a ruptured ACL and I am not sure of what she ligament leg support to buy? What size would you suggest?

    The best way to measure your dog for the leg & ligament supporter is to measure the affected area and add two inches in height.  That is a good rule of thumb for choosing the right size.  It's hard to fit by breed, best to measure your dog's legs.

  • my 12 y/o aussie has osteoarthritis in both shoulders and elbows (left is worse than right) as well as both hips. He severely limps on left. Would any of your products help him?

    Sorry about your dog's arthritis.  The elbow protector is a big help in stabilizing and warming the elbow joint.

  • My 80lb 5yr.old english Lab has been diagnosed with torn CCL Surgery cost out of this world .Do you have any product to help stabilize till i can finf a way to pay for surgery?

    The dog and leg ligament supporter can stabilize the ligament.  Please attach it securely to support the leg but be flexible enough for him to walk.  Our patented velcro to neoprene design gives you the most versatility and flexibility to adjust the leg wrap to your dog's needs.

  • Do you have the xs wag safely dog loeg and ligament support?

    Sorry, we are out of stock on the dog leg & ligament support in extra small

  • Our dog has an injured ACL and because of her age does not recommend surgery. Which brace do we purchase? Also she has arthritis in the front legs so her feet are turning in making it difficult to walk. Can we also put braces on front paws to help with this?

    Our hock protector is designed for the rear leg.  The lower joint in the back leg is the hock.
    For an ACL injury, the dog leg & ligament wrap would be the best choice.
    The wraps are secondary support garments, not a brace which tends to have a splint.

  • Could the dog leg and ligament supporter be used on the stifle joint?

    The Dog Leg & Ligament Supporter isn't as stiff as a brace because it does not have a splint built into it. It's best use is as a supportive wrap to help stabalize the area and keep the ligaments warm.

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