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Neoprene and Velcro Dog Hock Protector

From WagSafely

Neoprene and Velcro Dog Hock Protector

From WagSafely

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Top Dog Tips About Hock Protector for Dogs:

The Hock Protector for Dogs is a solidly constructed, well-designed dog hock protector that supports the knee and helps ligaments heal. It's made out of neoprene so it's water-resistant. The Hock Protector provides coverage, padding and protection for the hock.

The Dog Hock Protector is made from medical-grade neoprene so it is safe to use for dogs with a compromised immune system or fragile skin.  The dog hock protector speeds recovery of wounds and protects the area from additional trauma or self-mutilation. Dogs that suffer from osteoarthritis of the hock joint get the added benefit of the neoprene because it reflects the dog’s heat back to the joint, improving comfort & mobility.

The hock protector for dogs can be used before & after surgery. It also treats these conditions: 

  • Chronic Arthritis
  • Helps Support an ACL Injury
  • Osteoarthritis
  • OCD
  • Ligament Injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Lick granuloma
  • Decubital ulcer
  • Pressure sore 
  • Wounds, abrasions or incisions 

When dogs suffer injuries in the lower leg joints such as from the hock joints, there are most often traumatic causes behind why they have occurred. In connection with these complex joints being injured, ligaments are often affected in some way; either through rupture, bursting or stretching. The healing period is long and the dog needs a support around the joint so that it does not worsen the injury during the healing period.

Uncertain about sizes? We have the solution !  Click on the product pictures, we have the dimensions for each size right on the picture.   

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • Adjustable soft neoprene supports the knee and gives the knee room to move
  • Neoprene is soft, sturdy, durable and WATER-RESISTANT
  •  Adjust the hock protector to fit your dog.  The straps can easily be put in another location because they stick to the entire neoprene surface. You can also roll it up and wrap the straps around the rolled up neoprene
  • Supports the joint so that it does not worsen the injury during the healing period
  • Hock wrap is designed to fit natural angle of the canine rear leg to help prevent hyper-extension
  • Ideal for providing mobility support while recovering from sprains or other minor injuries. 
  • Fits around the joint (doesn't cover joint) for optimum movement
  • Supports the joint medially and laterally 
  • Easy on and off with velcro straps

What My Top Dog Should Know About the Hock Protector for Dogs

The Hock Protectors are manufactured of Neoprene and are waterproof. Everything on the inside of the joint protector remains dry even under extremely poor weather conditions. The hock protector is placed with the tip of the hock out through the opening in the protector and then stretched around the leg above and under the joint.


What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

One (1) Hock Protector for Dogs

Size Guide: 

XSmall Breed sizes- Lhaso, Bichon, (5.25" x 4.50" x 4")

Small Breed sizes-Springer Spaniel, Collie (6" x 5" x 4")

Medium  Breed sizes-Labrador, Dalmation (6.25" x 6" x 5.25")

Large  Breed sizes-Rottweiller (7.5" x 7" x 5.5")

XLarge  Breed sizes-Bull Mastiff, Mountain Dogs (8.25" x 7" x 5.5")

KeepDoggieSafe has translated the size charts from centimeters to inches for your convenience 


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Dog Ligament Info

The cruciate ligament is in the knee, where it helps to stabilize the joint. When the cruciate ligament is injured it leads to instability in the knee joint.  Unfortunately, this can cause pain, swelling, and limping. Injury to the cruciate ligament may lead to partial or complete disruption (tearing) of the ligament.

Partial cruciate ligament tears sometimes heal when your dog's activity is restricted. This is the best case for using a hock wrap. Wag Safely's hock wrap is the only hock wrap that can be securely fastened and is versatile enough to fit on the knee and leg, Partial tears often progress to complete tears- so you need to protect your dog's leg immediately.


  • Sudden, severe limping on one rear leg is the most common symptom of cruciate ligament damage
  • . Your dog might limp after being hurt by another dog, twising his knee, or other issues.
  • He may or may not yelp when the injury occurs.
  • In most cases, your dog won't want to bear any weight on the leg after the injury.
  • Dogs with partial cruciate ligament tears may limp intermittently.
  • The knee might swell  in conjunction with limping.

Risk Factors

  • Dogs that have previously injured a cruciate ligament in one knee are at increased risk of injuring the ligament in the other knee.  They compensate for the injury and stress the other knee
  • Dogs with relatively long legs are at increased risk of cruciate ligament injury.
  • Young, active dogs are more likely to experience cruciate ligament injury because they are more likely to engage in the sort of vigorous activities
  • Large and giant breeds of dogs suffer higher rates of cruciate ligament injury  
  • Overweight dogs suffer higher levels of stress on their joints  

Question & Answers

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  • My puppy is almost 2 pounds do you have the hock protectors in his size

    The smallest hock protector we have is extra small.  You can roll down or cut the hock protector to fit.  We made our hock protector with patented medical grade neoprene that the straps attach anywhere on the product, so it can be versatile and can be adjusted anywhere.

  • These widths are these the largest widths or what considering the Velcro closure?

    The WagSafely line of hock protectors and leg ligament wraps are made with medical grade neoprene. They removed the hook part of the velcro which catches dog\'s fur. You simply wrap the velcro tabs anywhere on the neoprene and it will adhere. So the size of the wrap or protector is the exact measurement on the chart, the velcro attaches to the stated measurments

  • Not sure if my dog needs a large or extra large...she is a tall do I know which to get?

    We have updated all of the dog hock protector product pictures to include the size on the pictures when you click on the sizes.
    Please measure from the top of the paw to 1 inch above the hock for size. Or take advantage of our fit program and order two sizes and send back the one that doesn't fit.  Request a  return label via chat and it's sent in a minute.

    Hope your dog feels better soon.

  • Would it be wise to brace both the injured back leg and the good one?

    The Hock Protector is not as stiff as a brace. It is designed to support and the hock. Many vets suggest putting them on the non-injured leg because the dog will favor the non-protected leg and it will add additional strain.

Customer Reviews

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Dog hock protector

Item was purchased for a chihuahua but was too big.
Item did not work. It was a good try.

Hock Protector

It has provided our daughters 11 1/2 yr old miniature pincher the support and comfort for his rear left hock to enjoy his walks again.....he loves his walks and this protector enables him to continue to walk at least 2 to 4 times a day :)

Dog Hock Protector

The brace really helped my dog walk. She only uses 3 legs and the brace helps support her single back which was getting weak. She actually lets me know when she wants me to put the brace on! I take it off at night and put it on in the morning. She is doing real well with it. Thank you!


My puppy has a nerve issue with his back leg. He is lame without a brace, and the dog hock protector is perfect. Easy to put on and take off, washable.

The Dog Hock Wrap (although

The Dog Hock Wrap (although it was an XS) was still too big for my pet. I was able to cut it in half and only use one portion. The problem is that it is hard to keep it from slipping off.