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Nitebeam Two- Dog LED Dog Leash

From NiteBeams |

Nitebeam Two- Dog LED Dog Leash

From NiteBeams |
$ 59.99


What Our Top Dog Says About the Nitebeam Two- Dog LED Dog Leash :

The Nitebeam Dual LED Dog Leash is the only Lighted dog leash with LED lights on both sides. Now, you can walk two dogs on one leash.  The soft padded handle makes it easy to walk them together and protects your hand from the weight of two dogs.

The two-dog leash is rechargeable via a USB cord.  Simply plug it into your car or computer with the included USB cord.

The double swivel design reduces strain on internal circuits as well as strain on your arm when the dog pulls. For added comfort, the handle is completely padded internally. For those that need even more visibility for those especially dark nights, Nitebeam offers matching collars for your pup.

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • Visible from 1/2 mile out to ensure safety after dark
  • Soft Padded handle makes it easier to hold and less strain on your hand
  • The Five Foot Smaller Size Leash is for dogs from 10-28 lbs
  • LED Leash Sizes: Small: 3/5" wide  x 6'  | Large: 1"wide  x 6'
  • Battery Life averages 35-40 hours of continuous use
  • 6 ft leash is the only with lights on both sides
  • Double swivel hardware  provides added durability and reduces the strain on the circuitry
  • Get a lighted collar and be seen from any angle

What My Top Dog Should Know About The Two-Dog Nitebeam LED Dog Leash:

The leash comes with a 60 day manufacturer’s warranty and two 2032V batteries. We recommend purchasing extra batteries so your dog is never without their illuminated leash.

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Usage Tips

  • Pull out the plastic tab to activate the batteries
  • If the lights are dim, change the batteries.
  • If it’s very wet outside, cover the battery pack with duct tape to protect the circuitry

What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

  • Two (2) Nitebeam LED Dog Leashes

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