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Outward Hound Front Seat Safety Barrier

From Outward Hound |

Outward Hound Front Seat Safety Barrier

From Outward Hound |
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What Our Top Dog Says About The Front Seat Barrier:

The Outward Hound Front Seat Safety Barrier will prevent your dog from climbing into the front seat while you are driving. To ensure safety, it is best to keep your dog in the rear of the car, so they do not become a distraction; this item accomplishes that. The barrier is quick and easy to install. The adjustable straps attach to the headrests and wrap around the base of the seat to latch it in place. The adjustable straps make this a universal product that fits in most vehicles. Ensure safety while transporting your pet; get the Outward Hound Front Seat Safety Barrier today!

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • Barrier prevents pets from climbing into the front of your car
  • Quick and easy to install for use in all vehicles
  • Adjustable straps attach to the car seat headrest and around seat
  • Universal design fits most cars with a headrest
  • Product Size: 15 ½” x 18”

Top Dog Tips & Advice About The Outward Hound Front Seat Safety Barrier:

The partition does not prevent passengers from riding in the car. The partition can remain in place at all times if you prefer.

What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

One (1) Outward Hound Front Seat Safety Barrier

Car Travel Tips:

Does Your Dog Need a Seat Belt?
It’s no secret that dogs love to go for rides in cars and many dog owners enjoy the company of their furry companions on road trips. However, letting your dog have free rein throughout the car while driving is dangerous for everyone, and not just in a crash. According to a recent AAA survey, as many as 31% of dog owners who take their pets with them in the car admit to being distracted by that pet at some point while driving. Strapping in a child or even yourself is second nature, so why should a pet be any different?
While operating a vehicle, having a free-roaming pet is dangerous for many reasons.

  • Free roaming pets are a distraction – A dog climbing from the backseat to the front and jumping in your lap as you’re driving can easily cause an accident.
  • Driving with a dog on your lap is dangerous – Not only is it distracting, you don’t have full control of the steering wheel and other controls with a dog in your lap. Furthermore, even the smallest dog poses a great danger in the even of an accident – a 10 lb. dog traveling in a car going 50mph flies forward with a weight of 833 lbs!
  • It’s the law in some states – In an effort to increase awareness of dog safety in cars, many states are encouraging drivers to restrain their pets during travel. Drivers who drive with dogs on their laps in Arizona, Connecticut, Maine and New Jersey can receive fines of $250 to $1,000 if caught driving with a dog on their lap.

Crash Doggie Testing
We’re pretty excited here at Keep Doggie Safe because just this month, Subaru, who already has a pet-friendly reputation, announced they will fund research to further pet safety testing. Using “test doggies” in accident simulations, The Center for Pet Safety has already begun using the same laboratory used to test child safety seats. 

As luck would have it, Keep Doggie Safe carries doggie seat belts. We want your dog to be as safe as possible while he enjoys the ride. Our wide selection includes car harnesses, dog seat belts, car booster seats and a variety of related dog car trip accessories. There’s no way to know when or if an accident will happen, so don’t leave it to chance. Strap that doggie in so everyone is safe.

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