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Portable Lightweight Dog Bowl | Cup

From Puplight |

Portable Lightweight Dog Bowl | Cup

From Puplight |
$ 2.99


What Our Top Dog Says About The Portable Lightweight Dog Bowls:

Always Have a Water Bowl Ready !  Ultra-Portable Lightweight Dog Bowl -Doggie Drinklets™ can be refilled, re-used later or disposed of responsibly. Share your water with your dog... Fill from bottle, faucet or drinking fountain. Hold in your hand or place on a surface.

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • The most compact, portable and least expensive water bowl on the market
  • Easy Open & Close Water Bowl
  • Keep one in your glove box, backpack,and at grandma's house (She hates when your dog uses her bowls )
  • Each sturdy 3" x 3.5" bowl holds over a cup of water.
  • Each Pack has FIVE (5) Water Bowls- give one to all of the dogs at the dog park

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