Ride Right Seat Belt Connector

Ride Right Seat Belt Connector

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Top Dog Tips About the Ride Right Seat Belt Connector:

The  Ride Right Seat Belt Connector allows you to turn any dog harness into a travel harness allowing for safe travel while you and your dog are in an automobile. While the tether prevents your dog from freely roaming throughout the car, it is fully adjustable to allow your dog to stand, sit or lay comfortably without restriction.

To use this innovative tether, simply wrap it around the shoulder seat belt in the back seat of your car. Securely clip the tether to the dog's harness. Do not connect this tether directly to a dog's collar.

While the tether protects your pet while driving, it is also designed to eliminate driver distraction and keep your pet in one place at all times. Studies show that every 18 minutes a loose pet in a vehicle causes an accident. 

Do not attach the tether to your dog’s collar as this can cause serious injury or even death in the event of a motor vehicle accident. Attach to a harness only for maximum protection.

Here Are The Doggie Details

  • Reduces driver distraction by preventing your pet from roaming.
  • Prevents your dog from jumping out of the vehicle.
  • Tether allows your dog to sit, lie or stand comfortably.
  • Adjustable from 18" to 26".
  • Compatible with any seat belt.
  • Compatible with any harness.
  • Connector boasts heavy-duty nickle-plated clips for a strong and secure hold.

    Seat Belts Can Save Your Dog's Life!

    In case of an accident, if your dog is wearing a properly fitted harness and seat belt/tether:

    • They are prevented from being ejected from the vehicle. Even "low speed" accidents can result in a dog being propelled at 20 mph or more through a window or windshield.
    • Restrained dogs cannot collide with humans in the force of an accident, which can cause serious injury to both humans and dogs.
    • Restrained dogs are unable to dash out when a door is opened, preventing a lost dog. And this restraint removes any chance of the dog interfering with driving, tangling with police, or bolting in the event of an accident.
    • The tether can be used like a leash, so your dog is never unsecured during the two seconds that you open the door that they love to jump out. This also saves their back from injury when they jump down.
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      Customer Reviews

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