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Suitical Recovery Sleeve

From Suitical |

Suitical Recovery Sleeve

From Suitical
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What Our Top Dog Says About The Suitical Recovery Sleeve:

The Suitical Recovery Sleeve is an interchangeable front leg sleeve which provides protection for your recovering dog. It is suitable to cover salves and topical medications, protect hot spots, wounds, bandages, skin conditions and also prevent your dog from licking the affected areas. It provides the same benefits of an e-collar while also allowing your dog to move comfortably.  It is made from high quality cotton / stretch fabric to provide the best comfort. Due to the closure around the chest, finding the right fit is extremely easy. This closure also adds some pressure around the chest with a snug fit as a result, which helps to reduce anxiety.

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How To Put On:

  1. Insert the ‘injured’ leg through the sleeve;
  2. Insert the other leg through the opening on the opposite side;
  3. Secure around the chest by using the snaps/press buttons.

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • Custom made fabric specifically design to flex where needed while maintaining a snug fit on your dog's front  legs
  • Provides a quick and unobtrusive, protective barrier which can be worn with supervision all day or night
  • Discourages Licking & Biting on legs
  • Can cover casts to keep them clean
  • Prevents Fleas and Ticks from getting on your dogs' legs
  • No more cones or anti-lick strips needed
  • Could provide anti-anxiety assistance with the wrap closure around the chest.

What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

(1) Suitical Dog Recovery Sleeve

Size Guide 

Size Chest circumference Length Sleeve
S: 45 - 61 cm / 17.7 - 24.0 inch 23 cm / 9.1 inch
M 54 - 68 cm / 21.3 - 26.8 inch 26 cm / 10.2 inch
L 64 - 84 cm / 25.2 - 33.1 inch 35 cm / 13.8 inch
XL 80 - 104 cm / 31.5 - 40.9 inch 41 cm / 16.1 inch


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    • My Boston Terrier constantly licks her front legs. Can these be worn 24/7?

      The dog leg wraps will cover and protect the leg.  We recommend dabbing bitter apple on the leggings before putting the wraps on so your dog associates the bad taste with the leg wraps, not the garment.  Also, try giving your dog a treat ball filled with treats to distract him and keep him entertained after putting the dog leg wraps on him.  Your vet is the best person to help stop the licking behavior.

    • Are these wraps able to be used in a hunting situation to protect from abrasion and things in heavy brush and briars? Can my dog run and move freely in them and not have them ca use irritation when hunting?

      The dog leg wrap, leggings are designed to cover the legs but are made of a lightweight nylon material.
      The Ultra Paws leg wraps are more durable but don't cover the legs completely.  We are waiting for the latest version of the UltraPaw leg wraps which will be released by the end of September 2016.

    • do you have any leggings for the hind legs? My dog has sores on his hind legs.

      The dog leggings are made for the front legs.  To protect sores on a dog's back legs, we'd recommend the
      Healer Dog Wraps.

      They come in two sizes.
      Choose the size based on the height of the dog's legs: Size 1-    2 " wide -18 " long |  Blue Healer, Bull Dog Size 2 -   2 " wide -24 " long | Lab size to higher

    • Can this be used on back legs?

      The dog leg wraps are for the dog\'s front legs only. If you need a wrap for the back legs, try the leg wraps

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