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Thermal Pawprint Bed -WINTER SALE !

From Guardian Gear |

Thermal Pawprint Bed -WINTER SALE !

From Guardian Gear |
$ 19.99


What Top Dog Says about the  Thermal Pawprint Bed:

Keeping your dog warm is critical.  This thermal bed uses the new space-age technology to keep your dog warm.  Made of 100% Polyester and MPET(metallized polyethlene terephthalate) the same technology used for "space blankets" to provide optimum warmth without the bulk.

Here's the Doggie Details:

  • Special thermal lining keeps mats cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Attractive pawprint design
  • Available in ivory or chocolate to match most homes or cars
  • Looks great in any decor
  • Machine washable
  • ThermaPet® Technology Keeps Pets Warm Using Their Own Body Heat

Care: Machine wash gentle, cool temperature. Line dry or dry flat. Do not machine dry.

How Thermal Works:

ThermaPet® Technology Keeps Pets Warm Using Their Own Body Heat

ThermaPet technology is scientifically designed to keep pets warm by using an inner layer of premium-quality MPET (metallized polyethelene terephthalate), first developed by NASA in 1964 for the U.S. Space Program. This is the same heat-reflecting technology found in the "space blankets" used by emergency workers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Design — Using passive reflective heat transfer, ThermaPet warms your pet by reflecting back natural body heat. Combined with this product's other high-quality fabrics, the MPET layer safely works to provide the ultimate in warmth for your pet. No electricity is required to achieve the level of warmth provided by ThermaPet.

Comfort— MPET's heat reflective thin plastic sheeting is a lightweight, low-bulk insulation that reduces the heat loss from a pet's body. ThermaPet's special warming property is particularly beneficial to older and arthritic dogs. MPET material consists of a thin sheet of PET film that is coated with a metallic reflecting agent, making it metallized polyethylene terephthalate (MPET), which reflects up to 97% of radiated heat.

Sizing Guide:

  •      X-Small measures 17¾"L x 11¾"W
  •      Small measures 23¾"L x 16¾"W
  •      Medium measures 29¾"L x 18¾"W
  •      Medium/Large measures 35¾"L x 22¾"W
  •      Large measures 41¾"L x 27¾"W

Bed: When dog is laying down, measure pet’s body length from base of tail to tip of nose, and add a minimum of 9"-12". For bolster or cuddler style beds, add a minimum of 4"-6".

Crate Mat: Refer to the base dimensions of your crate or kennel. If dimensions do not match exactly, we recommend selecting a crate mat ½"-1" smaller than the base dimensions of your crate.

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