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Adjustable Three Dog Tripler - Walk Three Dogs

$ 21.99


What Our Top Dog Says About the Three Dog Tripler:

At KeepDoggieSafe, we decided to make our own quality dog triplers to ensure that your dogs are protected by a premium product.  We heard from customers that triplers were dangerous because most triplers are sewn into the O-ring and it was problematic if a dog got hurt.  We did not spare any expense to insure that your dogs are safe.  

We have the only tripler that lets you easily detach your dogs.  So if one of your dog's is in trouble, you can quickly detach him from the tripler

Walking three dogs is already tricky, you need to know that they are secured and won't be able to break either the nylon or the clips on the tripler. Attach the tripler to any leash and you can now walk three dogs on one leash. 

The Keep Doggie Safe Three Dog Tripler is designed by our team of pet experts to be the best on the market. We use the highest quality nylon that is durable and won't break. Particularly,when walking three dogs you need to know they are secure and can't break away.
We attach top quality hardware that ensures your dog's pulling will not break the clasp

The most important feature is that we utilize a specialized O-ring and three swivel clasps that are individually attached. This is critical to your dog's safety for two reasons:

  • It allows you to easily detach one of the dogs and attach them to a separate leash (if needed)
  • The swivel clips prevent tangling which happens even in the best design on a tripler but it helps deter it.

    If you have one dog that is slowing down -the tripler can easily convert into a coupler by detaching one of the triplets.  

    Our Three Dog Tripler is very lightweight and made with strong, yet stylish nickle-plated metal hardware and swivel clips. The three dog  tripler is made of extra durable polyester material that resists dirt and most importantly - won't break.

    Here Are The Doggie Details:

    • Attach to a leash and securely and safely walk three dogs
    • Easily adjustable length accommodates dogs of different sizes
    •  WILL NOT BREAK when dogs pull on the leash (as long as you follow the weight guidelines below)
    • SMALL | MEDIUM Tripler - 3/4 inch wide straps for walking dogs 15-60 lbs
    • Each side adjusts from  8 to 12 inch long 
    • LARGE | XLARGE Tripler - 1 inch wide straps for walking dogs 61-115 lbs
    • Each side adjusts from  10 to 18 inch long - NOTE-1 left and it attaches to ring
    • Durable, vibrant, dye-sublimated polyester webbing doesn't show dirt and doesn't fade
    • Water-Resistant
    • MADE IN THE USA ! Top Quality and it shows

    What My Top Dog Should Know About The Three Dog Tripler :

    Attach Male dogs to the outside Only walk with dogs that walk together well- 3 dogs can be tricky Please be sure that the leash that you select can hold the weight of three dogs. We highly recommend a stretch leash to protect your arms and shoulders from the weight of three dogs DO NOT attach to a retractable leash, the combined weight of three dogs can break the leash !

    What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

    One (1) Dog Tripler

    Size Guide

    • SMALL | MEDIUM Tripler - 3/4 inch wide straps for walking dogs 15-60  lbs
    • Each side adjusts from  8 to 12 inch long 
    • LARGE | XLARGE Tripler - 1 inch wide straps for walking dogs 61-115 lbs
    • Each side adjusts from  10 to 14 inch long 
    • So SORRY - Large Triplers out of stock

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