Ultra Paws Dog Wound Boot -SALE – Keep Doggie Safe
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Ultra Paws Dog Wound Boot -SALE

From Ultra Paws |

Ultra Paws Dog Wound Boot -SALE

From Ultra Paws
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What Our Top Dog Says About The Ultra Paws Dog Wound Boot:

The Ultra Paws Dog Wound Boot is extremely durable and comfortable and prevents your dog from tampering with bandages or injured paws. The breathable material lets air circulate throughout the interior of the boot, keeping wounds dry and clean.

The boot also has a non-skid PVC sole that provides traction both inside and out so your dog will not lose its balance. Designed with spandex sides, the Ultrapaws Wound Boot expands to fit over a bandage and contracts to fit snugly once the bandage is removed.

The flexible material also lets you quickly and easily slip your dog's paw inside. Two Velcro straps ensure that the boot stays firmly in place, and your dog will not be able to remove it. Inside, cushioning foam holds the boot in place on your dog's foot and ensures maximum comfort. Get the Ultra Paws Dog Wound Boot today!

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Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • Breathable material lets air flow freely around the wound area to keep it dry
  • Non-skid PVC sole provides full traction indoors and out
  • Spandex sides expand to cover paw and contract once bandage is removed for protection
  • Wide top expands so you can easily and quickly slip your dog's paw into the boot
  • Internal foam pads keep the boot firmly in place to ensure comfort
  • Two Velcro strap closures on the front and back provide a secure fit that won't fall off
  • Prevents dogs from licking or chewing at open wounds to ensure a seamless healing process
  • NEW ! Protective dog bootie cover for outside jaunts

Top Dog Tips About The Ultra Paws Dog Wound Boot:

To clean the wound boot, simply fasten the Velcro closures loosely and wash in cold water on the delicate cycle. Air dry. 

What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

One (1) Ultra Paws Dog Wound Boot

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Size Guide

You wouldn’t want to stick your size 10 foot in a size 8 shoe because it’d be incredibly uncomfortable.
The same goes for your dog, which is why we’re here to help you measure your dog’s foot to ensure a comfortable fitting boot.
To measure the width of your dog’s leg, place the foot on a piece of paper and press down on the top of the foot, mimicking how the foot spreads when the dog’s walking. Mark the left and the right side of the foot on the paper and measure the distance between the marks. Compare this to the boot sizes. The width of the foot should be smaller than the boot size. For example, if the foot width is 1 1/2 inches, order a xsmall at 1 3/4 inches.

  • XSmall fits paw width -1-1/4"(3.8cm) to 1-3/4"(4.5cm);
  • Small fits paw width - 2-1/2"(5.7cm) - 2-3/4"(7cm);
  • Medium fits paw width - 3-1/4"(8.3cm) to 4"(10.2cm);
  • Large fits paw width - 4"(10.2cm) to 4-3/4"

# Note: If wearing a bandage, wrap or cast, a measurement of the circumference of the paw may help with proper sizing. Use a soft tape measure and position it around the bulkiest/widest area of the bandaged paw. Take this measurement and check the circumference ranges below for correct sizing.

Sizes for a bandaged paw :

  • Small fits a circumference range of 4-1/2"(11.4cm) to 6-1/2"(16.5cm)
  • Medium fits a circumference range of 6-1/2"(16.5cm) to 9-1/2"(24.1cm)
  • Large fits a circumference range of 7-1/2"(19.1cm) to 11"(27.9cm)




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