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Wacky Walkr Stretch Dog Coupler - SALE

From Wacky Walkr |

Wacky Walkr Stretch Dog Coupler - SALE

From Wacky Walkr |
$ 14.99


What Top Dog Says About The Wacky Stretch Dog Coupler:

The Wacky Walkr Stretch Dog Coupler is a customer favorite. The lightweight coupler is reinforced with a cable that won't break when your dog pulls. Your dog is gently reinforced to not pull by tiring himself out when he pulls too much. The couplers match Walky Walkr leashes in color. Matching a coupler with a Walky Walkr leash results in less strain on your arm

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • Couplers are specially designed to to give your dogs plenty or room to roam
  • Tangle-Free stretch material stops tangling
  • The nylon cable inside ensures that the coupler won't snap or break when pulled
  • Wacky Walkr leashes (urbans and standard) are designed to work with optimize the couplers.
  • Gently corrects common dog walking behavioral problems without jerking the leash
  • Reduces dog's pulling power by 50%
  • Stretches 2 times its length allowing your poopers to do their stuff
  • Creates a safe haven for you and your pups utilizing just 1 leash
  • Tangle-free safe exercise on both ends of the leash
  • Available in 4 simple sizes for all dogs up to 200lbs

Top Dog Tips About the Wacky Walkr Stretch Dog Coupler:

  • We love these couplers. Be sure to teach your dogs to stop when the other dog poops. Use the handle to hold one dog still while the other dog does their business.
  • If your dogs are miniature poodles, shitzus, beagles or similar sized breeds- get a medium coupler. The Med/ large coupler is too heavy for medium dogs.

What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

Size Guide

Coupler Sizes:

  • Small is 12 in | 6 inches tubing -6 inches nylon. Small hardware & clips. For dogs 0-15 pounds
  • Medium is 14 in | 7 inches tubing - 7 inches nylon. Small/medium hardware  & clips. For dogs 16-25 pounds. Available in black only
  • Medium|Large is 18 in| -9 inches tubing -9 inches nylon. Medium hardware & clips. For dogs 26-60 pounds
  • Large|XLarge is 24 in |12 inches tubing -12 inches nylon. Large hardware & clips. For dogs 61-200 pounds. 


  • If your dog is between 16-25 pounds, get the medium coupler. The Med/ large coupler is too heavy for dogs 16-25 pounds.

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Question & Answers

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  • I have a 38 lb and 12 lb dog. Does the coupler work with their size difference ?

    The medium coupler would work for a dog 38 and 12 lbs.  
    The issue is if the hardware would be too heavy for the smaller dog.
    The black small| medium coupler is the best option

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