Crash Tested Harnesses

Crash Tested Dog Harnesses

A crash-tested dog harness is the easiest, and safest way to know that your dog is secure in the front or backseat of your car (back seat is strongly recommended). Unless properly buckled in, almost all dogs will move freely about the car causing distractions to the driver and possibly causing a deadly accident.

Travel to your destination safely by using a dog harness that affixes to the seat belt in your vehicle, and keeps your dog in their seat. A harness can be placed across your dog’s chest and attached to the seat belt which will stop them from flying forward every time you have to hit your car’s brakes.

Make sure that you are only using a crash-tested restraint device in the car so that your dog is protected in the event that something expected happens while you are on the road.

At Keep Doggie Safe we carry harnesses from two of the top rated brands in dog car safety, Kurgo and SleepyPod. Kurgo put 8 long years into their research when designing their comfortable and reliable car harnesses for dogs. Their products are rated for dogs up to 130 lbs, and are very simple to integrate into almost any vehicle that has a traditional three-point seat belt.

Sleepypod’s harnesses were named the 2013 top performing safety harness by Subaru and the Center for Pet Safety. This harness works on a special infinity loop design that helps to distribute deadly gravitational force that is exerted on your dog’s body during an unexpected crash. As with Kurgo harnesses, Sleepypod harnesses also attach to your car seat using your standard three point seat belt.

Ensure that your beloved pet is not exposed to danger and injury from a car crash. Make sure they are safely buckled and tethered into their seat, so that you can focus on the road and also so that they do not become seriously injured, or seriously injure you in the event of a wreck.