Service Dog Harnesses And Vests

If you have a service dog or service animal it is standard to designate their status as such. A service dog without any identification is no different from an untrained animal, despite having highly specialized training. If you do not designate your dog as a service animal, then people will have no way of knowing how to treat your dog in public, and certain interactions could have negative lasting effects on their training.

Luckily, we make it easy to do exactly that here at Keep Doggie Safe. The simplest way to ID your dog as a service animal is to use a detachable patch made from durable reflective nylon to identify your dog as a service animal to passersby. These patches can attach to your dog’s harness using Velcro, so that you don’t have to worry about sewing them on, and can replace them easily if needed. In order to maximize the effectiveness of these ID patches, it is a good idea to also purchase a collar that you can use to not only display their regular ID tags, but also these specialized ID patches.

Keep Doggie Safe also has specialized harnesses for service dogs with areas for displaying your service dog patches, and places to attach special bags for carrying important equipment with you. In order to make sure that your dog’s harness fits correctly. Measure your dog's chest to get the girth measurement, so that you are certain your dog is comfortable in their harness.  Measuring the girth will make sure you're able to order the correct size vest or harness.

Keep Doggie Safe’s wide array of service dog patches, and apparel allow you to make sure you and your service dog are equipped to handle your personalized needs.