Visibility Gear

If you do a lot of dog walking at night, then you need to invest in some reliable visibility gear for your nighttime walks around the neighborhood. Using some kind of lighted, or glowing leash or collar will help to not only protect your dog, but it will keep you safe as well because drivers can see you when you are crossing the street. If you and your dog are unable to be seen, you are at risk for being injured by unsuspecting drivers.

If you use a lighted collar, harness, or leash you are much less likely to be hurt because you are going to be 100% more visible than if you are simply wearing bright clothing, or reflective material. A quality LED collar, or leash will allow you to be seen in a 360° degree radius because it will have multiple collar lights on both sides of the collar. Keep Doggie Safe offers a whole range of lighted collars, and lighted leashes to choose from. We’ve even got USB visibility gear that is rechargeable so that you do not have to worry about replacing batteries before you embark on your walks at night.

Visibility gear for your dog really comes in handy during times of limited visibility like fog, snow, or heavy rain. Having a collar or harness that lights up will make it much easier for you to find the dog in the distance.

Tips for Buying a LED Lighted Dog Leash