Leg Protection

Leg Protection

Your dog spends a lot of time on their feet, and if they are not running around somewhere having fun, they are probably spending a lot of their time laying on the floor. If you notice your dog in discomfort when lying on the floor, it could be because their elbow bones are rubbing against the floor and causing them pain.

Over time, this sort of thing can lead to the growth of something called a hygroma. A hygroma is a swollen, fluid-filled growth that generally forms over places on your dog’s body where the bone is closest to the surface, such as the elbow. Hygromas are not usually painful for your dog at first. However when left untreated, a hygroma can enlarge and harden over time. These larger growths can be painful, and in severe cases can become infected. You can prevent the growth of a hygroma by wrapping the legs in a protective cover. Read more about hygromas on our blog, here.

Hygromas are not the only thing your dog’s legs need protection from. Do you have an overactive licker in the house? If your dog is licking certain spots on their legs they will eventually create a hot spot. Hot spots are localized areas of bacterial inflammation. These areas get itchy, and your dog licks, nips, and scratches at them which causes them to become infected, which causes the spot to itch more. This creates an endless cycle of scratching, which is painful and irritating for your dog. You could use an organic topical to discourage your dog from going near the spot, but combining a deterrent with the use of a protective leg covering is a far more efficient way to block your dog, and protect their legs.  For more tips on how to stop excessive licking, read out blog here.

Using wraps to create a barrier between your pet and their more sensitive, boney areas will not only give them padding between their body and the floor, but will also stop you from worrying about potential hot spots that could form in these areas. A durable stretchy cover for your dog’s legs will fit snugly over your dog’s body while also allowing room for movement so your dog remains comfortable for the duration of the time they must wear the cover.

While these garments are not intended for wound care, and they will not fully prevent a determined dog from licking, they will definitely protect the wound.

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