Seat Belts And Tethers

Seat Belts and Tethers

Does your dog love to ride with you in the car? Many dogs get a thrill from riding in the car with their owner while out and about. If this describes your four-legged friend then you definitely need a dog seat belt or a seat belt compatible tether for your dog. There are already plenty of important things to focus on while you are driving, without having to worry about your dog running wild in the car. Give yourself peace of mind in knowing that your dog is safe and snug in their seat when you use a tether or belt from a vetted brand like Kurgo. Read more about why your dog needs a safety belt on our blog here.

The importance of having a durable, crash tested tether or seat belt for your dog cannot be overstated. Over 80% of dog owners drive with their dog in the car with them. Of that percentage of people, only a staggeringly low 16% of people secure their dog in the car before traveling with them.

As much as we love our dogs, there is no doubt that they can often be a dangerous distraction while driving. Distracted driving can lead to a crash that could injure you and your dog, but you can avoid that disaster by getting your dog a car tether to secure them in the seat beside you.

An adjustable dog tether from a trusted brand like Alcott will allow your dog to sit up, or lay down while preventing them from roaming free around the inside of the car. This can be especially helpful when you are embarking on a long road trip and have decided to bring your dog. If your dog is the kind of pooch who panics when they get in the car, you might like to give them their own space to relax. This can be accomplished by setting them up with a comfortable spot in the backseat of your car.

Be prepared, know your dog is safe, and you are both free to chill out and enjoy the ride in comfort and style!

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