Dog Collars

In almost every state, it is illegal to have a dog that is not wearing a collar when you are in public. Aside from the legality of not having a collar for your animal, it is also much, much easier for your dog to get lost without tags for identification.

There are many situations where your dog could easily get spooked and dart away from you. This could be catastrophic if you are in the city, or somewhere else that is close to a high traffic area, especially without a collar or tags.

Keep Doggie Safe has a dog collar for almost any occasion. There are reflective collars. There are collars that are LED lighted. Waterproof collars won’t absorb a smell over time, so you can take them to the lake or your favorite swimming hole without having to worry about the material needing to be cleaned repeatedly and eventually rotting.

With the exception of the waterproof collars, all of our collars are constructed either from durable nylon belting or soft luxurious leather. Your service dog also needs a specialized collar with a sturdy leash attachment and special areas for service dog patches.

Don’t worry, because Keep Doggie Safe has you covered no matter what your specific dog collar needs are.