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We put pet safety first, so you can too.

We care about the safety of your dog (or dogs!) as if they were our own. In order to put safety first and make your pet's well-being your top priority, you need pet safety products you can trust. All of our products are tested for durability, visibility and dependability. We also offer an assortment of safety, visibility and cooling products for you too!

Keep reading to learn more about our website and the pet parents behind it.

How it all began... started rather dramatically. It was back in 2006, when we were walking our dog, Wrigley, at night with a lighted leash around downtown Sierra Madre, CA. As we were crossing the street (at a crosswalk!) a car came racing down and slammed on its brakes. He apologized and said if he hadn't seen the lighted leash, he would have never stopped. It was scary then and looking back, it's still scary to think about what could have happened.

Other pedestrians saw what happened that night and asked us where we bought our lighted leash. We bought ours specifically for our nighttime walks, but it wasn't easy to find and there certainly wasn't a store nearby with a large selection of safety items for dogs. We also had a hard time finding retail employees that really understand pet safety products and could make recommendations to other pet parents. 

So to solve this problem, we started selling lighted collars and leashes at local events and the word spread fast! We built this website shortly after to give pet parents across the country a one-stop-shop for all things pet safety. We built the business with a small selection of lighted collars and leashes, and over the past 10 years have expanded our offerings to include all types of pet safety products including water safety gear, car safety gear, cooling products and even a large variety of similar items for pet parents! 

Karen, Wrigley & Jordan Gold of
But even though our product mix has evolved, our goal has stayed the same - to keep you and your dog safe. We're celebrating 10 years of our e-commerce business with a brand new website! We've kept our best selling products and they are now presented in a more intuitive design and layout to make finding the best products for you, your dog and your walks together even easier. 

Meet Our Top Dogs: Jordan, Wrigley & Karen

We're real pet parents with a real pet, and experience needs for pet safety items on our daily walks. We attend pet industry shows and conventions, so that we can always offer the latest innovations in pet safety here at

The items we sell are items we believe add value to your life by making your pet safer and your time together more enjoyable. As you know, dogs come in many shapes and sizes, and shopping online for the right fit isn't always easy. So we fill our site with helpful guides, charts and information, but we're always here to help you buy the right products for your pet and your preferred walking environments.

If you need boots for your labradoodle or a harness for your bully breed, we can help! We have lots of dogs in our network of product testers who can help to ensure you get the right sized pet safety products for your best friend.

Our Seal of Safety

She carefully evaluates each product in each category and awards the best products with a Keep Doggie Safe Seal of Safety. This means that it is the most reliable and durable product in that category and the manufacturer also stands behind this product.


Giving Back

Whenever possible, we reach out to help non-profit pet organizations locally, across the country and around the globe!

We've donated collars and leashes for search and rescue efforts in Joplin, Missouri and Japan. Following Hurricane Sandy, we sent over $3,000 worth of safety products to help the four-legged victims.

We support American based companies and inventors whenever we can. We believe in employing Americans and keeping jobs in this country. You'll find American made products throughout our site.

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