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Hurtta Evaporative Cooling Dog Vest -PRICES SLASHED !

From Hurtta |

Hurtta Evaporative Cooling Dog Vest -PRICES SLASHED !

From Hurtta |
$ 19.99


What Our Top Dog Says About The Hurtta Evaporative Cooling Dog Vest:

The Hurtta Cooling Dog Vest keeps your dog cool and comfortable in hot conditions. Simply soak the vest in cold water and wring out any excess not absorbed by the vest for hours of cooling comfort your dog is sure to enjoy.  LOWEST PRICE EVER !

Designed to cool the chest region and internal vital organs, the vest cools the body as circulation occurs for full body comfort. The padded design has a superb absorption capacity, allowing the vest to cool your dog for extended periods of time, making it the perfect item for days of training or outdoor dog shows.

Uncertain about sizes? We have the solution ! Buy two sizes and we will include a pre-paid return label for you to send back the one that doesn’t fit.  We understand these are running a bit snug.


Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • Cools the chest, heart and other vital organs for safety in hot environments
  • EASY ON | OFF - the cooling vest is the only one with a zipper on top so it slips on and off easily.  
  • Designed by people who know dogs- this is our top choice because it fits most dogs well
  • Padded design is exceptionally comfortable throughout extended use
  • Designed with training or outdoor dog shows in mind for ease of use
  • Excellent absorption capacity holds twice the amount of water for longer cooling
  • For dogs using the X-Small or Small versions, the vest also includes a secure leash attachment point for use on walks.
  •  Paws Down ! - this vest is the softest and best designed dog cooling vest

Top Dog Tips & Advice About Dog  Cooling Vests:

Cooling vests cool your dog by dripping  water onto the key cooling areas of your dog - the chest and belly. This creates a cooling effect as if your dog had sweat glands all over their body, keeping them cool and comfortable.

What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

One (1) Hurtta Cooling Dog Vest

Size Guide

Important Sizing Note: The following measurements are the dimensions of the actual product, not of the dog they fit. After measuring your dog, make sure all measurements fit within the following dimensions (with a little room to spare in the chest and neck).

For dogs with lots of fur, please go up a size.  


  • Back Length: 4"
  • Chest: 14" (Most Important)
  • Neck: 10"


  • Back Length: 6"
  • Chest: 16" (Most Important)
  • Neck: 12"


  • Back Length: 6.5"
  • Chest: 20" (Most Important)
  • Neck: 15"


  • Back Length: 11.5"
  • Chest: 37" (Most Important)
  • Neck: 28"


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  • it\'s not covered here, but i\'m curious about a product that could be frozen then placed on the german shepherd is really suffering and she\'s an outside dog.temps here are 92-100 degrees till end of sept.

    There are two products that have cooling packs plus evaporitive cooling. The Doggie Cool Collar is powered by Cool Pax plus you can add ice that drips down your dog\'s neck. The Cool Pup Harness has both cooling methods too. Lastly, the Kumfy Tails Harness has a cooling gel insert that sits on the dog\'s stomach cooling their heart and major organs

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