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Kumfy Tailz Cooling Harness

From Kumfy Tailz |

Kumfy Tailz Cooling Harness

From Kumfy Tailz |
$ 29.99


What Our Top Dog Says About the Kumfy Tailz  Dog Cooling Harness:

This is PAWS DOWN our customers' favorite harness.  The fit is perfectly designed by a vet and it comes with extenders to help fit any size dog.

Plus, it's a very well-designed harness that can be worn everyday! Here are some of the great features of the Kumfy Tailz KT Fit Cooling and Warming Harness:

  •  Well-designed to fit all dog breeds
  • If you have a bulldog or other difficult to fit breed, this is the harness for you!
  • It works in summer as well as winter thanks to its patented cooling and warming technology.
  • Specially designed for canine physiology, it regulates your dog’s body temperature, protects their sensitive cardiovascular system, and prevents hypo- and hyperthermia more effectively than other cooling vests.
  • Powerful cooling is applied to your dog’s chest and belly where they exchange the most heat. It is also where the skin is thinnest and the cardiovascular system is located.
  • Provides up to an hour of outdoor play or walk time without worrying about the effects of extreme summer or winter weather.
  • Add an extra insert (only available in small) so you can change it out for longer walks!

The harness is so well made that our customers report they use it year round without the cooling gel. Give your dog the relief they crave.

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • Easy to put on and take off your dog - double-buckle design on the belly strap -- Especially important for older dogs or those with hip or joint problems.
  • Vets helped design this harness so it fits all breeds of dogs. It's the only harness with extenders that clip on easily to extend the harness around the belly (if needed)
  • Non-toxic and gel-free design is safe for all dogs.
  • Cooling technology prevents heat stroke and cools down heat intolerant dogs.
  • Vet-recommended to treat dogs with heat-related conditions
  • Not only is this a cooling vest but the patented gel insert can also been microwaved in winter, making this a heating harness.

Top Dog Tip:

To activate, simply freeze the insert and place it into the cooling harness. The cooling effect should last from 1-2 hours depending upon conditions. We strongly recommend purchasing an extra insert so you can change them out for longer walks. Many people carry the extra in a ziplock bag with ice and keep changing them out.

Dogs have a higher body temperature than we do (101°-103°F), so to help regulate body temperature they need more efficient and concentrated cooling in the summer.

What Comes In The Doggie Bag:

  • One (1) Kumfy Tails KT Fit Dog Cooling and Warming Harness
  • One (1) Kumfy Tails KT Fit Gel Pack Insert

Size Guide

  • XS: Neck: 11-13 in. I Belly: 12-16 in. I Gel Pack: 2x7 in.
  • S: Neck: 14-18 in. I Belly: 20-23 in. I Gel Pack: 2x9 in.
  • M: Neck: 18-24 in. I Belly: 26-32 in. I Gel Pack: 4x10 in.
  • L: Neck: 24-32 in. I Belly: 30-38 in. I Gel Pack: 6x15 in.

If between sizes, consider the larger size. If your dog has a stout build, deep chest, or is overweight, consider going up one size. If your dog is long-backed, like a Dachshund, consider a smaller size.

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