SprayShield™ Animal Deterrent Spray with Clip – Keep Doggie Safe
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SprayShield™ Animal Deterrent Spray with Clip

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SprayShield™ Animal Deterrent Spray with Clip

From PetSafe
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Top Dog Tips for the SprayShield Animal Deterrent Spray With Clip  

The SprayShield Animal Deterrent Spray with Clip keeps you and your doggie safe from unexpected intruders on your walk. If you live in a city, these intruders could be stray dogs or coyotes. In the country, wild animals such as raccoons or opposums could cross your path. Yelling or throwing something at a wild animal can be seen as menacing, and it could attack. Using the gentle, citronella spray in the SprayShield makes walking safer for you and your doggie. 

SprayShield interrupts dog attacks by surprising and distracting the dog with a powerful citronella scent, giving you time to escape. SprayShield was found to be an equally effective alternative to 10% pepper spray, with none of the harmful side effects. 

Tips For Protecting Your Dog From Coyotes

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • Effective, humane animal deterrent
  • Safe for indoor & outdoor use
  • Can be used as a training aid for your dog
  • 10 oz can - up to 15 sprays
  • Perfect for walking, biking, jogging, etc.
  • Perfect for pet owners and mailmen
  • Convenient belt clip allows you to carry it even when exercising.
  • Sprays up to 10 - 12 feet.

What's In The Doggy Bag:

One (1) SprayShield with Clip

Instructions for Use

How To Use the SPRAYSHIELD® Animal Deterrent Spray:

The SprayShield is very easy to use.

1. Test the spray before using for the first time to determine how far it sprays (10-12 feet)

2. To be most effective, aim the spray stream at or near the nose of an attacking animal. 

More Info About SprayShield

  • Safety: Citronella is the active ingredient and presents a strong odor to the animal causing them to be back away and stop their aggressive behavior
  • Effectiveness: Independent research has shown that SprayShield is effective in controlling dogs exhibiting low to medium aggression. It should be noted, however, that while the product has matched the effectiveness of 10% pepper spray on dogs, it may not stop trained attack animals or those animals with a strong motivation to attack.
  • How to Use: The first defense is observation and awareness of the area. Potentially dangerous situations should be avoided. However, if faced with an attack situation SprayShield can be sprayed at or near the nose of the animal to distract it and allow valuable seconds for retreat to a safe place. A second or continuous spray may be used for those animals that persist.

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