Treating and Preventing Dog Paw Injuries in the Summer Heat

Treating and Preventing Dog Paw Injuries in the Summer Heat

Sometimes in the middle of summer, the sidewalk is so hot you can fry eggs on it. You can also burn your doggie's pads on the sidewalk. If your doggie exhibits any of these signs, he or she might have burned pads:
  • limping or refusing to walk
  • licking or chewing at the feet
  • pads darker in color
  • missing part of pad
  • blisters or redness
1. Keep your dog's foot area cool and clean by flushing with cool water or a cool compress. 
2. Move your dog off of any hot pavement. 
3. Wash your dog's feet with a gentle cleanser.
4. Keep licking to a minimum. 
5. We recommend keeping our dog first aid kit on hand. 
6. You might want to bandage your dog's paws using our leg wraps or wound boots. 

Preventing Dog Paw Injuries

Here are six tips for preventing dog paw injuries:

1. Consider getting dog cooling boots, which will prevent your dog from burning their pads. 

2. Be mindful of hot surfaces and walk your dog on grass or on the shady side of the street on hot days.

3. Don't walk your dog in the middle of the day on hot days. Walk your dog early in the morning or in the evening.

4. Stay on the grass if possible. It's cooler than pavement.

5. Help your dog develop calluses on their paws by walking them on the pavement when it's cool out.

6. Moisturize your dog's pads using something like Musher's Secret.  This will prevent cracking, peeling and minor cuts. 

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